TheatRhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call

Format Played: 3DS
Publisher(s): Square Enix
Developer(s): Square Enix
Release Date: September 19, 2014
Score: 9.2/10

Theatrhythm_Final_Fantasy_Curtain_Call_US_coverCurtain Call is the TheatRhythm game that the first should have been!
This is the second version of TheatRhythm to hit our shelves and comes jam packed full of goodies. Not to say the first wasn’t good, on the contrary it’s great! I played it for 60+ hrs and every now and than I would still pick up and have a quick blast.

My gaming background covers 90% of the Final Fantasy games released.  I own at least 1 version of every numbered series and have completed nearly every one at least once.  One of the aspects I absolutely love about the series is the music within the games. I don’t just love the music I have bought some of the official and LE soundtracks and have watched Distant Worlds at the London Albert Hall.

Taking this in mind you can see why this would be an entertaining game for me.
The game is much like the first but with a hell of a lot more tracks, 221 to be exact!. The layout of the tracks have been improved and it’s now easier to navigate through tracks, you can also place a heart against your favorite tracks and than sort through that way.  A Co-Op mode has also been added however I’ll come back to that a little later. Airship sections have been added into the field music which are okay but not as good as the normal Field levels.

The game flows a lot better than the first however issues still remain.
On ultimate difficulty I found that sometimes the touch screen doesn’t pick up your taps or strokes, this maybe due to the speed and sensitivity, it’s an improvement on the first game but seems to sometimes still happen. The other issue is with the EMS, the sections you tap does not seem to be in sync with the music at all.

theatrhythmcurtailcallheaderThe game really is just a tap and swipe in time with the music game along to Final Fantasy music but boy is it addictive!

The Co-Op is a nice addition.  It does seem to take a while to load up and find an opponent but the battle offers a different style of play with the ability to dish out status effects on your opponent which disorientates them by speeding up the symbols or blanking them out completely but while you are dishing them out so is your opponent so watch out!

The three difficultly levels are open from the start, offering you a chance to chose between Basic, Expert or Ultimate. The step up in difficulty between them are quite big so you may want to watch yourself however I find the once you have played a few of the tracks on Ultimate it’s the only way to play!

Few other mentions
– The RM is no longer capped at 99999 as I currently stand at 171248rm
– if you don’t feel you have enough tracks there are 50 more for you to download through DLC and a few more characters too! This is more justified over the first game as you have over 200 tracks built into the game already.
– 65 Characters to unlock and play as.  Once you hit level 99 you can reset them and start again
– Tracks of the day! there will be 5 Tracks of the day to chose.  These give you small bonuses

The Quest medleys are separated into 4 sections including Short, Medium, Long and Inherited.  These are sections where you travel along a path playing random field or battle tracks to progress.  At the end you have a boss who will drop items or crystals to unlock new characters.  This is a good way to play new tracks but once completed and the next one is unlocked I found the difficulty spiked very quickly.  Not an issue for me but may be to difficult for some.

All in all over 80hrs of happy gaming and I still go back for more.  Personally this type of pick up and play game never gets boring.  You will find yourself humming along to tracks, hording items you will never need and sometimes get frustrated but I promise you if you are a fan of Final Fantasy and you have a 3DS this is a must buy!



Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy

Format Played: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher(s): Square Enix
Developer(s): Indies zero
Release Date: July 6, 2012
Rating: PEGI 12
Score: 8.8/10

If I was to sum up Theatrhythm in one work it would be Addictive!  Mainly aimed at Final Fantasy fans Indies Zero have taken the Elite Beat Agents idea and put a Final Fantasy spin on it.  In a nut shell Theatrhythm plays music from Final Fantasy 1-13 across three types of levels designs against three difficulty settings, throughout the whole game which you will be tapping and swiping the screen in time with the music.

What keeps you and everyone else interested apart from the music is how much there is to unlock.  You start the game with a handful of characters, music and equipment but as you play you will unlock and unlock new items, characters, extra’s and levels all the time which is what grabbed my attention.  Aside from loving the music from Final Fantasy I wanted to unlock every character, beat every level with a perfect or near enough score and level up each character to the maximum 99.

Theatrhythm is split between three levels, they are as follows:

Field Music: By far the easiest of the three your chosen character will walk/run along a field, the distance he travels depends who his level/equipment and how well you preform.

Battle: In the style of the original Final Fantasy battle systems the music will come at you in 4 lines for each of your 4 chosen characters.  During this time you will be fighting enemies and a boss for each song.  How much damage you do again depends on level/equipment and how well you preform.

Event:  the lines will come at you in more of a spiral motion while a FMV cut scene plays in the background.

Once you have played for a while you will also unlock a Chaos mode which will feature the Field Music and Battle stage.  Here you will have to do your best in the field to get as far as you can to unlock bosses 2 or 3, if you fail to reach the marker you will face boss #1.  Then you will play the battle mode, reaching and beating the boss will unlock better items used to unlock new characters.

You are scored on everything, getting a better score is more a personal achievement and won’t really unlock anything more than completing the level will get you.  Scores range all the way up to SSS rank which involves hitting everything perfectly with no items equipped.

That game itself isn’t without its issues.  I found that if you missed a tap on a quicker harder mode sometimes the game will not register some of your next few taps as the game momentarily freezes and that seriously affects your score and health bar and it’s quite frustrating.

Theatrhythm is repetitive but in a very good way.  Fans of the music and games will welcome this title with open arms, the RPG element separates it from games like “Elite Beat Agents” or “Guitar Hero” and the unlockable extras like cards and FMV’s are an added bonus.

If you are a fan of the music from Final Fantasy and you have a 3DS this game is a must.  I have been playing for hours and have finally unlocked everything there is to do and I still want to play it.

One last thing there are some DLC which can be purchased at the Nintendo shop the first for a game on the 3DS.  The DLC for this game are extra songs come at a price which I felt is too step for what it is.