Persona 4

Format Played:  Vita
Publisher(s): NIS America
Developer(s): Atlus
Release Date: February 22, 2013
Score: 9.5/10


After the incredible experience I had with Persona 3 I was really looking forward to playing the 4th instalment but I was advised to play it on the Vita. The issue at the time being that I did not own a Vita and really wanted to get the PS2 version, however like a good boy I decided to wait.

And wait I did!

Persona 3 had a fantastic story, it was dark and humorous and the battle system was new and fresh however its main downfall was the repetitive dungeon, it was so boring that towards the end not even the battle system could stop me dodging enemies and running up and up flights of stairs. I should mention at this point that I played the PSP version.

Anyway jump forward a couple of years and I pick up a brand new Vita along with Persona 4. From what I heard from a close friend of mine and a forum I visit was that this game is worth owning a Vita for so when I had the funds I bought a Vita…………..Just for this game!
There are other benefits to owning a vita especially if you have PS+ but I’ll leave that for another review.

Persona 4, from the off the story really grips you, the game looks beautiful on the Vita’s OLED screen the music oh man the music sticks in your head but in a great way! The music is catchy and although it repeats it never seems to get boring!
Every character you meet is instantly likeable even if you don’t think you will ever warm to them at first and as this game spends so much time with character development you grow attached to them. As my friend told me once he finished the game, “it’s like losing an old friend” and that’s what happens when it’s all over, you feel so close to them that when it’s all over you feel an empty space where they used to be. This is the power of great story telling and character development and Atlas does it perfectly!

title34The battle system is more of the same if you have played Persona 3 Portable which is no real bad thing but the best thing that has been improved is the dungeons. No longer are you walking around endless corridors all looking bland and the same but different colours. Persona 4 takes place inside a TV world and each dungeon has its own original designed, music and humour, I didn’t mind level grinding in this game at all and never once wanted to rush any of the dungeons.

The story is the games strong point, it has darkness it has a ton of humour and it has twists and strong characters which all make up for a perfect game.

My first playthrough took around 80 hours and not once did I want to finish playing. Persona 4 was worth buying a Vita for