Monster Hunter World

Platform Played: Playstation 4
Developer(s): Capcom
Released: January 2018
Platinum Trophy: No
Score: 7.4/10

I don’t like giving reviews for games that I haven’t given 100% effort too however I have played Monster Hunter World quite a bit and really was enjoying it but other things took over and a game like this takes up a lot of time.

I am new to MH and have never played any of the previous titles in the series and I found MHW a struggle to get into as there isn’t much hand holding and it’s at its best when played with others.  The game is a little different from what I’m used to, you don’t level up your character but can level up your armour and weapons from monsters you kill or capture.  The fights are fun and each monster needs to be tackled in different ways meaning you have to do some research.  Looking at most of my time in the world, a lot of time was spent researching the area’s and monsters and because you need to fight the same monsters to gain materials to create new equipment which is my only real issue with the game as this can get repetitive fighting the same monsters again and again.
I really did enjoy helping other people out, If you are in trouble you can send up an SOS flare which other human players can join you and in return you can respond to SOS signals and I did take a lot of satisfaction with helping others.


The game itself is jam packed with things to do and for most people this would be a good thing but personally I felt it was a bit overwhelming.  If you look at my other reviews you will know that I like doing the usual RPG elements in games like collectables and exploration and MH is no different as exploring the maps can lead to some helpful benefits.  The combat is fun and quick to pick up however difficult to master as it requires button combinations much like a fighter game.  The game looks stunning and the world itself is packed full of creatures and vegetation, you can tell a lot of effort has gone into creating these worlds.  I do like watching some of the wildlife interact with each other until you are in the middle of a battle that is and another creature joins in to hinder your effort.
Going back quickly to the game being a bit overwhelming, I am trying to find why a game that has so much in it and I was really enjoying playing it still has something about it that made me brush it aside to replace it with other games.  The only thing I keep coming back to is progress, as much as I enjoy the game I never felt I was getting anywhere.  The story while pretty basic has enough to hold my interest but it’s just finding new monsters – research – defeat – craft new weapons.  Rinse and Repeat! You can gain side quests which mostly involve repeat fights with monsters, collecting vegetation and items spread around the maps or capturing monsters and there is a gladiator style arena but again this is just a repeat fight.
Fighting monsters can get very technical as you have to tackle each one differently and you have a whole inventory of stuff to use but it’s way too much.  Most of the time I would find myself discarding most of them and using the same few items again and again and it still works.


The game is defiantly more fun with friends, and being slightly (chuckles) older than most gamers most of my joint efforts were with strangers which was still fun although I do think if you had your own friends to play with you will have a much better time.

A couple of other things to mention, the pig you can gain in the hub world is cute but pointless.  The cat and cats you can help you are a brilliant aid even though I thought little of them to begin with and there is nothing more satisfying than jumping on the back of a monster slashing away as the rest of your team attack from the ground.


Everybody’s Golf

Platform Played: Playstation 4
Developer(s): Sony Interactive Entertainment
Released: August 2017
Platinum Trophy: No
Score: 8.1/10

I have played most of the releases from the Everybody’s Golf series however I never have finished one until now.  The PS4 version changes things around a bit, you have an online mode where you can submit your scores against everyone else who took part that day for a whole course or just do the odd hole but what I like most about online is the way that you can run or drive around the whole area, watch other people play and even interact.  As you also play you can unlock a golf cart for quicker travel and fishing which is very odd! There you are playing a round of golf online and someone is fishing in one of the lakes! Only in Everybody’s Golf 😀
The game stays more focused on actual golf courses unlike the previous games who venture away after the first few levels to add in silly courses which move away from the everyday golf we know and love and even places a course in Hell!
I much prefer this style of game though and even though the character’s you used to gain have gone what it’s replaced with is a detailed character customisation tool which lets you make yourself or you can chose to look more cartoon like, like previous games.


Where previously you would go up against the chapter at the end of a level you now have 3 vs characters in each Level, beat them and what you get rewarded with is their cosplay clothes, voice and look so you could take on their persona if you chose.  What you also get is hidden vs characters to play which can be unlocked if you manage to complete what is needed to unlock them for example, managing a certain number of Birdies. Not only can you customise yourself against vs characters but each level has a number of NPC’s who once beaten are added to your start area and you can purchase their look with coins earnt in game or purchased (roll of eyes) with real money.
The starting hub is small and easy enough to navigate and has the shop which you can purchase new clothes or balls, the online hub, two fishing lakes, a track for your golf cart and a quiz master.


Anyone familiar to EG won’t have any difficulty picking this up as the controls are pretty much the same as previous titles.  The only real difference is putting uses the same control as your normal shots.

What I love most about this game is it’s a mix of serious golf which doesn’t take itself seriously!
I found this version easier to finish than previous titles however once done you can replay vs characters (once a day) and they really are a challenge as not only are penalties added but they are much more improved than your previous win against them.  I do get frustrated when I pull off a great shot only to be beaten by a hole in one!


Before I finish I do have one complaint.  I find that if I am losing a round sometimes (badly) the NPC will make mistake after mistake instead of finishing the game like it’s forcing you to watch when you know it’s all over anyway.  I don’t get this as previous holes they have gotten an Eagle or birdie.


Bayonetta (Replayed)

Platform Played: Nintendo Switch
Developer(s): Sega, Platinum Games, Nex Entertainment
Released: October 2009
Platinum Trophy: N/A
Score: 7.8/10

Having played this already on both Xbox 360 and a little on PS3 I really wanted to play the second game however didn’t want a Wii-U so thank god for the port to switch!

I remember this game being a challenge to complete and that was even before unlocking hard mode.  I started on Normal because why would you want to start on easy or very easy, and the challenge I remember didn’t disappoint.  Bayonetta is fairly short clocking in around 12 hours on a Normal playthrough with plenty of deaths, most my fault but some I blame camera angles and cheapness! I say this because where there are crazy level spikes in the game where you are coping easily one moment the next you get hit and half your health drops.  Not to mention how the game likes to switch (no pun intended) things up.  I like variety in games I  really do, some say it’s the spice of life! But what I don’t appreciate is how the game expects you to be good at change so quickly! Now there are a few sections where you get vehicles to use however I find them hard to control and play more like an arcade racer,  I suppose we have Sega to blame for this! Other issues involve boss’s change of camera angle at a moment’s notice and having to work out where you or the boss is. I like a challenge in a game however there is a section where you are taking on two normal enemies (around chapter 11 I think) in a small space with no witch time! It was so difficult and randomly placed in the game where I was coping before and after quite well.


This game has so many good good moments that I do find when it does get extra difficult it ruins my fun and that tends to lead to anger! I posted a clip on youtube of a platform disappearing straight after a cut scene letting me fall to my death with no warning.  My last moan is aimed at quick time events! They seem to have gotten worse since moving to the switch! They come out of nowhere and you have about a second or two to hit the right button.  It’s actually easier swiping the screen in handheld mode because I even pressed the button it wanted me too and I still died.  Oh yeah it’s also an instant death! Shame when you are going for a pure platinum run to be defeated by a cheap QuickTime event!


There is a lot I love about this game too.  I love Bayonetta herself she’s such a fantastic character and Hellena Taylor does an amazing job voicing her.  The child on the other hand….eeeek!

The game for the most part has fantastic controls and moves you will see in no other game which is what makes Bayonetta.  It can be unforgiving at times and stingy with health items and when it’s not being unfair it’s so enjoyable especially the boss battles.  The game is designed to be played over and over again, its how you build up your arsenal and new weapons and moves.  I replayed it on the xbox version but I will only probably play it once on the switch as I used it as a reminder before I started the second game.

P.S. I couldn’t bring myself to use the Nintendo cosplay costumes, they looked too cringe worthy


Infamous Second Son

Platform Played: Playstation 4
Developer(s): Sucker Punch Productions
Released: March 2014
Platinum Trophy: Yes
Score: 8.0/10

Another PS+ game to try out and another Platinum of the year.  As with the first two games I made sure I played through twice to get both stories and endings and while the game makes me be good it is so much fun being bad!


The story is okay, I liked the connection between the characters especially the main character Delsin  and his brother Reggie.  These story lines play pout differently when playing good and evil but only certain points unfortunately.  I did feel a little bad for my brother when plaything through the evil story as I felt I was letting him down.
The controls are pretty much like the other games and can be picked up very easily.  The graphics look alright and I am sure they looked amazing when the game was released but since 2014 there are a ton of more detailed games out there and I did come across a fair few glitches.  I liked playing as Delsin he’s funny and cocky and I quickly grew to like him in both my playthroughs.


The game itself isn’t long at all and you could probably skate through it in a few hours should you not care about the side quests.  If you want to do everything than you are probably looking around 10-15 hours.  Everything is laid out on the map for you so they are easy to find.  Unfortunately though there are a lot of collectables and side missions that are very repetitive.  I didn’t like the vandalizing tasks as they took time and didn’t feel rewarding and also where you had to hunt a spy which could be easily lost,  Very frustrating and I didn’t do either on my second playthrough.  At least finding bits of shard gave me the ability to level or improve my powers which gave me a reason to do it on both playthroughs as well as attacking DUP bases or scanners!


Getting the platinum was fairly easy.  You will have to do both playthroughs although going through a second time even on expert wasn’t hard when you are being bad. When you are good you have to watch random civilians and shoot DUP’s in the leg where you can wildly kill everyone on your evil playthrough.

I did enjoy this game as much as the first one.  I really liked the characters and the short story and had more than enough fun getting new powers.  I don’t often platinum games I didn’t like (apart from beyond two souls).


Horizon Zero Dawn – The Frozen Wilds

Platform Played: Playstation 4
Developer(s): Guerrilla Games
Released: November 2017
Platinum Trophy: N/A (100% Trophies)
Score: 8.5/10

Don’t normally do DLC reviews however as this took me 20 hours to complete getting 100% of both sets of trophies I felt I should say a few words.  Into The Frozen Wilds


So quickly, is it worth stepping back into Horizon? sure is! I myself have proven that 20 hours gameplay is more than worth the DLC money I paid.  The side quests are entertaining, it has more of what was in the main game however only a reminder having one of each.  So one bandit camp, tallneck, one Hunting Ground which leaves the game open to new ideas which I am all for.  I say new however it is more of the same with new elements.  My only issue was relearning what I had forgot (mainly the controls).  I finished the game completing it 100% with the platinum trophy so I was already level 50 when I started however found the first new machine quite a challenge because I wasn’t using all my weapons.  It only took an hour and I was back in full swing of the game.


The main quest’s story is interesting and so are the side quests which made me want to do them rather than focus on the main game.  The extra map is big for a DLC add on but not big enough that I got lost and there are enough fast travel points.  The new enemies are challenging especially once you complete the main story, even at a high level the battles were difficult.
They added something interesting though and that came with the idea of having a machine that repairs others within its radius.  You could destroy them or do what I did and override them.  It’s an interesting addition and provided an extra challenge.


The thing that provided me with the biggest challenge though was getting gold in the hunting grounds.  As tough as the toughest enemy was, going through the hunting grounds getting gold in the time limits they set was a real tough challenge and took multiple attempts and this was only on Normal at level 60.

In summery this DLC is worth getting if you loved the main game.  I do love overriding machines and letting them tear each other apart 😉

P.S. All Screen Captures are take by myself.



Platform Played: Playstation 4
Developer(s): Tequila Works, Tantalus Media
Released: May, 2017
Platinum Trophy: Yes
Score: 7.6/10

One thing I do like is a good platform game with a great story, amazing music, arty visuals and seamless movement.  Well im pleased to say with Rime I received all but one of these things.
Lets start positive, the look of this game is fantastic from the off I was entranced however a little reserved.  This was because a lot of what you find in Rime has been done before and in some cases its done better.  I did wonder playing the first chapter if the whole game would be featured on the area you land on however luckly this isn’t the case and you will find yourself traveling through new and more interesting areas much like Journey or ICO.


Not far into the game you will come across a fox who will essentially be your guide.  This is handy as although most of the game is easy to follow if like myself you want to divert off the main patch in search of collectables and trophies it’s easy to get lost.  I did this numerous times but thankfully my little fox buddy would let out a bark or be somewhere as a visual aid so I knew where to go.
Speaking of trophies this game is full of them, some of them obvious and some I found by pure luck (Patience, I’m looking at you!) The game took me well over 10 hours and didn’t manage to get all trophies on one play through.  Not sure if it is possible or not.


The puzzles are good but fairly easy to work out and there are a lot of similar ones out there. Some are repeated so watch out for those.

Special dedication needs giving for the music in this game.  I really enjoyed all the music on my journey, most of it being piano tracks which I love and a few of the tracks reminded me of I am Setsuna which is no bad thing.  Big mention to Lindsey Stirling and forgotten city (which I happen to be listening to as I write this).

The controls are where this game has it’s biggest downfall.  On my first play through I found that when running my character would stop start run.  It was extremely frustrating I turned the game off.  Next day i thought I would try again so started it up and seemed to be better but slowly got worse as the game went on.  It caused issues with jumping from platforms you needed a run up to as my character would get near the jump and than stop causing a shorted jump to my death! although deaths do not matter in Rime it was still frustrating.
Another issue among the same lines was the camera.  This only happened on some occasions (mostly when platforming) but sometimes the camera would sweep round causing mistimed jumps.


The story itself is slow paced and only crops up here and there and through collectables.  Overall it’s subtle and tells a nice story especially the conclusion and while there is no voice acting I felt something for the main character and some of the companions.

While nothing in this game is bad a lot of the time you felt you have played something similar before. The music is stunning and so is the world it creates.  I would have liked to score this higher but small things let this game down.


Ratchet & Clank

Platform Played: Playstation 4
Developer(s): Insomniac Games
Release Date: April 20, 2016
Platinum Trophy: Yes
Score: 7.0/10

Having not played any of the previous games and a love for the first Jak & Daxter I was pleased that PlayStation plus members were given the opportunity to play this game for free. I don’t think I would have bought this game but after completing it I definitely would have purchased it. Straight away I was impressed with how good this game looks, I have looked at the original and can say how impressed I am with the work gone in to the remake. Not just the graphical upgrade but lighting, textures and additions make this a stunning game to look at.

The game starts off pretty challenging however after a few weapon upgrades this completely changes and it gets a lot easier. Some of the few boss battles provide a slight challenge but on a whole I was a little disappointed at how quickly the games difficulty drops. I also liked the choice of weapons and upgrades however this also gets a bit to much and you end up with a ton of different weapons you will hardly use.

The collectibles are cards and gold bolts which for the most part can be easily found in one or two play through. The combat is fluid and seamless and entertaining enough. The story, if a little predictable is enjoyable and I liked the characters both playable and NPC. The puzzles get a little tricky to work out later in the game but I liked the challenge and never got frustrated by it.

The game only really has one mini game discounting the quick obstacle course and this is a hover board race. At first I hated it but once mastered (which won’t take long) it’s actually quite enjoyable and rewarding.

The length isn’t to bad, doing all side quests will take around 15 hours and will take a second play through in challenge mode should you wish to go for the platinum trophy.

While this was never going to reach the heights of Mario games this was an enjoyable playthrough and I’m presently surprised.