The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Format Played: PS4
Publisher(s): Bandai Namco Entertainment
Developer(s): CD Projekt RED
Release Date: 19 May 2015
Score: 8.9/10

Witcher_3_cover_artFirst time to the Witcher 3 world as I have never played the previous two but fear not people in the same boat the game will give you a variety of questions to answer however you wont understand the outcomes of because you haven’t played the previous games! That being said if you will never play the previous games there is places online that will advise what the questions mean and give you more of a background into why you are being asked them.

The game looks stunning it really does especially during sunset or dawn and you are looking through moving trees! big kudos to that!

You do start in a relatively small area which will give you the training you need and a chance to partake in some early side quests before the game really opens up. This gives me my first chance to moan at a few minor faults.
– Getting on your horse isn’t as easy as any Assassin’s creed game, the game expects you to slowly approach your horse and press X while standing in front of it and you can’t just run up to the horse and jump on! thankfully getting off is much more easier and quicker!
– While on your horse you will find he can get stuck in trees and ditches very easily which can be very frustrating but fear not as the game has included a way to hold down the X button while on a path and the horse will follow the path! excellent! however this doesn’t always work 100% and becomes a major pain when hitting crossroads.
– Villagers! just repeat themselves and it can be very annoying, yes this also happens in skyrim but no where near as much as every time you pass them
– Battle’s you seem to be able to lock onto enemies but not bosses! this cause an issue with fast moving creatures as you need your right thumb to control the camera which also is used for combat! using the triggers would have been a better option like Dragon Age.
– The game runs very smoothly with little loading time, that is unless you die, than it will take an age to load your previous save back!


As much as I moan these are minor faults that can be brushed aside because the look and feel of the game is outstanding but what makes this game great is the missions and sidequests themselves.
I have to say I am only 10hrs in and have already come across some of the most satisfying quests I have seen in any RPG that look like they will have some effect to what happens in the future.
The combat has it’s issues with button setup and camera movements, also a couple of times I have had other characters walk in my way while fighting and even my own horse but this aside it’s still fun and I do love the way that every Witcher hunt is different. Preparation and reading up on your enemy can really provide a vital edge to a more easy win!

Tracking is a bit of a let down, pretty much hold down the button and look around until you see something red! also can become quit competitive!

Characters are all strong and likeable and I do love the voice others of some of the characters including Charles Dance from Game of Thrones and also the beautiful voice of Katie McGuinness who plays as Keira (also some will remember her as Tyrea in Xenoblande.

I still have a long way to go I am sure but I have been happy with the quests and side quests given out so far. The dotted line that gives you directions can sometimes be a bit temperamental at times but all the bad points of this game have been washed away by how great it looks and the story itself. The area is huge with lots to discover and the towns and villages are excellent to witness.