Luigi’s Mansion 3

While I enjoyed the previous two games, I felt they were short and just provided to be slightly entertaining with no real replay ability.  I was unsure if I would even purchase this game however here I am 20+ hours later finishing what I would say a masterpiece and potential for GOTY.


I’m not going to lie, I didn’t partially instantly like this game and the first couple of floors were a bit of a slog and not in terms of length but as a game I wasn’t quickly pulled in.  I did however stay with it and when I reached my first major boss (Piano player), everything changed!

The game looks gorgeous and the floors themselves have some interesting designs all detailed and all appealing in their own right.  The controls can be a bit of a pain and would later prove to be the only issues I had with the game.  You can change some of the controls in the menu and once you work out that you can use your shoulder buttons for some of the moves like the dark light, everything plays better.  The Darklight took me a while, I was frustrated how I could use the right stick and one of the buttons at the same time until I realised that holding two of the shoulder buttons also worked.  The issue with this is you have to hit both at precisely the same time leading to lots of time shooting out a plunger or flashing a light.
My other issue consisted of Mario, a star of so many games where he has the spotlight of course it’s nice to have Brother Luigi as the main man! However! They make Mario out to be an idiot and that’s being polite.  Not only is he an idiot but he just constantly spouts out catchphrases when he’s on screen! “here we go” “wahoo” “come on” “lets a go” honestly, I rather he was silent!


The game has so well-designed puzzles and all the bosses you have to tackle a different way, nothing feels the same, I love this about the game.  Some of the later floors are pure brilliant (Floor 8 for example) and others you wonder why they are in a hotel and lose the sense of where you actually are.  Sure, there is some back tracking and lots of collectables but you can make of that what you will.  Collecting all gems and boos are optional, you don’t really gain anything good for doing it and only a few gems I really had to think about.

This game is completely addictive and for all the right reasons, a lot of boss fights instead of being frustration just left me with a huge grin on my face.  Like I said earlier though it’s not all perfect and this is where some of the controls that come in.  You have some timed area’s and boss fights and I felt Luigi is just to sluggish to handle what is thrown at him, not only that but aiming the plunger at an enemy can be a long annoying task considering how long they give you.
That said you can buy lots of golden bones which will rectify your life and I never died that many times I needed more than 4.  When you are low on health though you will get a extremely annoying beep which gets more frequent the lower your health is an it becomes annoying! One other issue is you can not skip the when Luigi passes out and the golden bone is released.


Despite all these problems I did really enjoy my playthrough and I found it hard to put down.  For those who like collecting you can purchase map locators with the money you find which makes hunting a little easier.  I never played multiplayer so I can not comment on this but on a whole I found Luigis Mansion 3 both charming and delightful.

Trophy Completion: N/A
Score: 9.5/10

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