Little Nightmares

Format Played: PS4
Publisher(s): Bandai Namco Entertainment
Developer(s): Tarsier Studios
Release Date: April 28, 2017
Platinum Trophy: No
Score: 7.0/10

Anyone wanting something a little different than look no further than Little Nightmares. This platform/puzzle game is quite fun to play if a little short. I say short and I mean short. This game arrived by 6pm and I had finished it by 10pm the same day! Not to say I didn’t enjoy it because I really did. The look and style of this game is like nothing I have seen before, the lighting effects are impressive and the puzzles can leave you thinking for a short while before being able to move on. What I really like is how dark this game can be at times. I found myself on edge during certain sections of this game more than I thought I would and more than some recent horror games. At times you really get a feeling of helplessness and vulnerability when sneaking around some of the games enemies.

It’s hard to explain the story and the character you play. It reminds me a little of limbo where the game just gets going from the off. There isn’t much in the way of hand holding and you are pretty much left on your own as soon as you start. My issues are few and have to do with the controls. I found myself getting frustrated at times all because I was falling off ledges because it was difficult to tell what angle the charter was moving at or holding run and my character wasn’t running. These few issues at times left me very frustrated and it felt like the game was causing my death and not my own error and I hate that.

In summary, if you like a dark platform game that look no further. It’s cheap enough, it’s short and should you wish to find the collectibles you probably have a few play through to get everything. I most certainly will be replaying this game again and I am glad I bought it at launch.

Few mentions, the game comes with a soundtrack with 24 tracks on, the music is eerie and dark and It suited the game very well. Also for those who like trophies there is no platinum.


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