Jak III [HD Collection]

Format Played:  PS3
Publisher(s): Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer(s): Naughty Dog
Release Date: November 9, 2004
Score: 6.2/10

Jak_3_CoverartAfter the awful Jak2 I went into the third with low expectations! It wasn’t too long until my first disappointment! the guns were back but what’s this? a slight improvement with the auto aim! wow at least that’s something but wait! also improvement with health packs in missions and checkpoints glorious checkpoints!

While being in the new area the game really steps up from Jak2, the transportation around the wastelands using these dino creatures (I really didn’t pay that much attention to what they actually were) handle pretty well and when you knock into someone you don’t get hordes of enemies come at you.  Then you get a road vehicle to travel around the outside of the wastelands, these handle like a wet tampon! they slide for no reason, you get attacked from all areas and cars drive under you which manage to flip you over! The worst of the worse is the landscape which has bits where your vehicle gets stuck or you climb up the wall or you get flipped up by rocks.  As bad as this is it’s no way as bad as the hover vehicles from the second game.

Everything seems to be going fine than you have to go back to the city! FFS why. WHHHHHHHHHHHHHY I really hate it here. It’s better however than the Jak2 because the security isn’t all around and you don’t have to do any silly races with the hover things which are still bad to control.  The missions here become worse and this is where the game nosedives for me.  As much as an improvement of having the city in ruins it still makes you travel from one end to the other to get mission however it’s not as far.

There were some difficult main missions again but with the aid of checkpoints and extra health packs this made the game flow a lot better and more to the point I wasn’t getting as angry!



My biggest issue with this game comes with the section before the end boss! you have to take him down from this giant walking alien spider looking craft with 6 legs.  Each leg has points to shoot however you have to do it in one of those cars which I complained about earlier.  The thing moves pretty fast and also fires shit at you not to mention that if one of the feet comes down it can kill you in one hit! Also things that can kill you instantly are driving to quickly at it’s legs and driving into water.  As well as bumpy terrain to deal with and the fast pace of the enemy my biggest issue is the car.  The aim of the guns are out of your control and half the time they are shooting down at the ground which means you can be right next to what it is you need to shoot at and just hit the floor!  Wouldn’t an autolock be of use here? I mean how simple would it have been to add one!  Not only this but some of the points to shoot are at the front which means you have to get in front of this thing and turn around, bu the time you have managed this it’s already past you.

Not really difficult but a pain in the ass none the less.

The end boss himself is no way as bad as Jak2, I rather they made him harder and got rid of the car level!


The side quests are too many, 600 hidden eggs for gold! luckily like 2 there is a glitch that can be abused if you wish.  The Metal Heads Gold Gems are everywhere and you can get the Gold Trophy pretty quickly which is a bit of a shame as there is no challenge like the previous game.

All in all an improvement on Jak2 but again it’s not a patch on the first game.  Story holds up pretty well and it’s funny in places but I wont be playing it again!


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