Format Played:  PSN
Publisher(s): Red Barrels
Developer(s): Red Barrels
Release Date: February 5, 2014
Score: 8.0/10


Headphones? Check!, Lights off? Check!, Scared? Check
As if being in a run down asylum isnt bad enough but when you are trapped in one with a large monster and no weapons and just a video camera is a completely different matter all together!
This game is how horror games were and still should be! Resident Evil is now chasing sales and have ditched their survival based horror games for something more streamline and action based shooter which has been a real letdown since the fourth one which was a great game but unfortunately the downfall of the series.
This however is brilliant but short which most original horror games were.  You don’t need them to go on too long as once you learn more about the game and the controls the suspense and scariness dies with it.  I love the feeling you get when playing this game, you don’t have any weapons and are forced to use your handheld camera which has night vision to see.  Most places are completely dark forcing you to used this camera but there is a catch! you have a limited supply of battery life! there are more batteries lying around if you are brave enough to go off the beaten track and go searching for them.

The good thing about having no weapons is you can never fight anything! you will find yourself turning on the night vision in short bursts, you will find yourself slowly looking around every corner! you most certainly will be completely on edge at every noise you hear!  This is the beauty of the game! On top of all that your character will get scared and start to breath heavy which really doesn’t help you either!

The controls are ok! its mostly just moving and opening stuff anyway but there are moments when you have to run from enemies and you will find yourslef in sort of a free running situation, sometimes this can be tricky to control and not all the time your character will do what you want him to do which can be frustrating.  There is a brilliant action you can chose to do when running away and that’s to look back at your chasers however two problems emerge from this! you can’t see whats in front of you and it’s bloody scary!


So what’s left? those who read my reviews know that I do like to go on about everything bad with games more than the good but the only thing in this game I didn’t like apart from the odd control issues was the last chapter.  And here is where I end this review as I don’t want to spoil anything!

One of the best survival horror games to date however I won’t be trying to get the trophy for playing it from start to finish without saving or getting hit as I fear the controls will let me down!



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