Castle of Illusion

Format Played:  PSN
Publisher(s): Sega & Disney Interactive Studios
Developer(s): Sega Studios Australia
Release Date: September 3, 2013
Score: 7.0/10

250px-CastleofillusionremakeA trip down old memory lane this one with a few extra whistles and bells to boot! Not a long game yet longer than the original.  Those readers my age who remember the original when it came out also remembers that how long games were back then, short game for your money huh!
The game does look good; I only spent £3 on it so felt I did get a bargain for the money I paid.  I wouldn’t recommend it at full price though; I completed it 100% in less than a day!
Not much is wrong with it, if you played and enjoyed the original you will enjoy this version, it’s the same game only not!
What pisses me off though is it does suffer with the frame rate at times, Judders and stops at points but the worst of it comes during the final boss when timing is everything.  I don’t mind dying if it’s my error but when the game judders forcing you to make a late jump than I will shout and swear at the TV!
That aside it’s Nostalgia at the end of the day what sells it! And if you are willing to put up with some frame rate issues this game is worth the £3 I paid for it but don’t expect more than a day’s enjoyment out of it!


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