Killzone Shadow Fall

Format Played:  PS4
Publisher(s): Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer(s): Guerrilla Games
Release Date: 29 November 2013
Score: 6.5/10

Killzone_Shadow_Fall_BoxI was going to just say, stunning looking average shooter but as it’s my first PS4 review I should go into slightly more detail.
Normally I wouldn’t have purchased this game, I honestly wasn’t much of a fan of the 2nd game in the series which is why I never bought the third and the only reason I had my hands on Shadow Fall was I wanted a PS4 and the only one’s around at the time only came with killzone so hey I had to play it!

Kilzone: Shadow Fall is a great show off title in the fact it looks absolutely stunning, at times I found myself stood still looking around at just how nice the lighting and textures looked.  It looks so good that if you really want to show off your new PS4 to a mate than this is the perfect title to do so.  Sadly for me this is as far as it goes, the game play isn’t bad it’s just not unique.  I can’t say there was a single mission that stood out to me. Some people say it reminds them of when they first played Halo; I point at these people and laugh!
The game itself is short, so short that you haven’t sometimes realised you have bypassed a whole chapter! Characters aren’t memorable and what little story there is never grabbed me.


One point I must mention is if you die during your play through you start at the last checkpoint you passed which is fine, however if you die and turn your PS4 than you lose the whole chapter and the next time you restart you have to start from the beginning of the chapter.

Some good points are the Owl drone which is pretty fun to use and makes use of the controllers touch pad.  The sound is pretty awesome too and also some sounds like the audio logs use the controller’s speaker, however I suggest playing with a headset because it really does enhance the sound.
Quick mention of the multiplayer: only played it a couple of times but seems solid enough.

In conclusion it’s a stunning looking average shooter!


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