Valkyria Chronicles

Format Played:  PS3
Publisher(s): Sega
Developer(s): Sega General Entertainment, R&D Dept. 2
Release Date: October 31, 2008
Score: 8.5/10

Valkyria_coverLate to the Valkyria party? Yeah I guess so! I mean I had this game sat in my collection pretty much from release and only now I decide to play it right the way through and I am honestly glad I did.
First off I will fess up and let you kind readers know that I am not really a tactics game type of guy.  I have War of the Lions but I bought and played that more of a loyalty to the Final Fantasy brand more than any other reason.  Valkyria Chronicles I did really enjoy my play through however more for its original art style and storyline over gameplay.

VC does everything right I wish I enjoyed turn based tactical RPG’s more so I could have enjoyed it to its full potential.  The look blow me away right from the off, this really is a beautiful game to look at and you will look at it a lot because in between gameplay there is a hell of a lot of chapters which tell the story.  However, the story is brilliant and captivating so I didn’t mind how much of it there actually was.  The main characters were all likeable and I felt a bond with them very quickly which is what you need with any good RPG game.  I felt myself having the need to protect every character that was disposable from dying and not because I wanted to finish the game having no people die under my command but because they meant something to me.

The battle system even though it’s not really my thing I did enjoy playing it.  I liked the way each charter had their own individual strengths and weaknesses that were affected by teammates and surroundings, this is again what made every individual character unique and another reason I didn’t want any to die.
The two guest characters from a previous well known Sega RPG where also a welcome addition to my squad.
Those who have played turn based tactics games would be used to how games like this work however it is different from every other tactics game out there in the fact you can move anywhere  in a 3rd person style and not confined to a chess board way of moving.  I like the way you can move stop fire and then move on in one turn.  I like the fact that you run out of ammo and need an engineer to come and deliver you more! I like the fact that if an alley falls in battle you can save them at possibly a greater risk of losing another member! This game will make you think about your actions and the fact you don’t know what is around the corner will make you take things slowly.


The game is piled with extra missions and story but don’t forget to visit some places as I missed out on quite a bit on my first play through.  Things like the news reporter who will give you stories to read and give you bonus missions at a price and don’t forget to visit the cemetery even if no one on your team has died; there is still a reason to visit!

While there are good sides there is also bad! I did find that once you were given the options to dish out commands some missions you could really abuse this and finish stages within 1 or two turns leading you to an easy victory and an easy A rank, however having said that its entirely up to you if you want to abuse it or not.

Valkyria Chronicles will be one of those games you will look back with in fond memories and probably one of the stand out games of the last generation!


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