Pokémon Y

Format Played: 3DS
Publisher(s): Nintendo, The Pokémon Company
Developer(s): Game Freak
Release Date: October 12, 2013
Score: 8.5/10

PokemonY_3DS_boxartHaving never completed any Pokémon game in the series and not having played one for quite a while I decided to give the latest version a try. Gamefreak finally decided to put more effort into updating what can only be described as the same style game since the Gameboy days I decided I too would also make the effort.
Joking aside the game actually looks beautiful and for the first time it feels like a next gen Pokémon title, something that was missing from previous games.  I have always enjoyed the series but could never tell you why I have never ever finished a single one.  Sure it does essentially feel like you keep playing the same game with different characters and added Pokémon from the last one but there is something about the series which makes you enjoy the experience.

I don’t have a lot of bad points to bring up apart from the fact the 3D isn’t always on, something I find highly irregular for a big Nintendo based title.  It’s not that I used the 3DS much anyway but I am sure some people do and I cannot understand the reasoning behind only having 3D in certain sections of the game.

The game controls are pretty much the same, the battle system also hasn’t really involved much either but the main difference really is the graphics and I can’t stress how much better this looks to previous titles.
The story is ok, not great but enjoyable, hell, I even made it to the end and captured the legendary Pokémon, something I have failed to reach in previous games, although having said that the Legendary Pokémon did seem a little too easy to obtain.  In fact the game as a whole is pretty easy and I rarely faced any sort of challenge along my journey.  I know this game is aimed at younger gamers but come on! wouldn’t a difficulty option hurt?  I mean a lot of people growing up with Pokémon games would now be in their 20’s and 30’s!

The moto that has always stood behind the Pokémon series “gotta catch them all” has long since departed as I felt no need to collect every Pokémon, heck half of the ones I did capture I never used anyway.  I just found my favourite 6 and stood with them to the bitter end.
Hmm said I wouldn’t find bad points but I seem to be finding more as I write this! Oh well I might as well continue. I felt there were too many abilities and items being thrown at you (didn’t use half of them), the abilities like Cut and Strength are back forcing you to use them to gain extra items (you probably won’t use), however this time you can’t create a utility Pokémon to dump all abilities on,  you are forced to use different Pokémon if you want to use them.  On top of that you are unable to delete the ability once you give it to that Pokémon.  For example if I wanted to fast travel the world map I had to use the only flying Pokémon in my party which happened to be the legendary one, Um no thanks, I’ll walk!
These are all little issues I had with the game. As I previously said this is the first Pokémon game I have stuck with until the end and I found myself playing for long periods at a time, on the small sized 3DS which cramps my hands when playing for long periods (anyone wanting to buy me a 3DS XL Pokemon Red I would be grateful).

So in summary, looks great, familiar gameplay and story, lack of 3D for those who use it and also something I failed to mention was the music was catchy and enjoyable.

If you are a fan of the series this is a welcome familiar addition, if this is your first Pokémon game, this is an enjoyable pick up and play game, even if there is a coffee shop around every corner!


One thought on “Pokémon Y

  1. I agree about the difficulty, which would be made a lot better if the npc trainers acted more like a human competitor, or at least would switch pokemon when faced with a bad type match up rather than just be annihilated. You can delete HM moves in dendemille town but they are still a pain and I rarely used them. Overall I’m enjoying the online aspect the most in this game.

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