Beyond: Two Souls

Format Played: PS3
Publisher(s): Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer(s): Quantic Dream
Release Date: 11 October 2013
Score: 6.5/10

Beyond_Two_Souls_final_coverProblem with David Cage games are they always create split opinions with gamers and reviewers alike.  Personally I really liked both Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain so as soon as the game was available to pre order I had it in my shopping cart.  I was looking forward to Beyond: Two Souls even though I had heard very little about it which indicates how much I was buying on previous titles.
A week before the release when all magazine and independent reviews emerged the scores were completely  split from scores such as 4 all the way to 9 out of 10 and this had me hovering my mouse pointer over the cancel pre order button however after much thought I decided to play the game and make my own mind up.

First off the game looks amazing and plays just like Heavy Rain I don’t have many issues with this however the combat added using the right stick for diving and combat isn’t always clear which way Jodie’s body is moving which causes mistakes and this game is very giving meaning that making most mistakes wont effect the storyline or how everything ends up one bit.
Talking about the story it is all over the place, after every chapter you will move to a different part of Jodie’s life and too much of this stops the gamer enjoying certain parts of the story as very combat and fast action paced parts can be cut dead only to be replaced with another area of Jodie’s life which is slow paced and pretty boring.  This to me was more of an issue then the story itself.
In my opinion the story has too many elements to it, I would have rather they stuck to one story rather than adding pointless chapters in which completely deviate from the overall story arc.  It’s like David Cage wanted to tell lots of different story’s in one game, it worked more with Heavy Rain because you controlled different characters each with their own lives and problems but when you only see the whole story through one characters lives too much isn’t always a good thing.

The other big issue I have is with the choices you can make.  In Heavy Rain whatever choices you decided could make a huge impact to how the game played out, I have been through Beyond: Two Souls 4 times now and most of how the game ends are chosen in the last chapter apart from 2 routes you make through a single play through.  The game boasts a lot of endings but don’t let that fool you as they are mostly short endings that are patched together to make one ending.  Too see all endings you can play the game through twice (from a certain point) to see all endings (you will have to play the last chapter a few times though).
I really wanted to like this game after how much I enjoyed Heavy Rain; I have nearly gotten 100% Trophies on this as well (don’t even get me started about the Trophy that requires you to go through the game in Duo mode though!)

Controlling Aiden adds another feel to the game however it does get boring after a while and all his controls are pretty much the same and provide no challenge whatsoever!


**Small Spoiler**
Talking about the decisions you make one of the major examples is a level called “The Party” it’s quite early on but this will be a spoiler so if you don’t want to know don’t read on.
The Party involves Jodie who looks like she’s in her early teens going to a girls party who she does not know, she is asked to show the kids her powers which you as the player can chose to do or not.  Showing them your powers frightens them while refusing leads to some jibes at her from the other kids.  The thing is whatever you chose still follows in the same way! Jodie is taken by the kids and locked in the cupboard; this makes sense if you haven’t show the kids your powers but I fail to believe any teenager would do this if they had already witnessed what Jodie can do! It just wouldn’t happen!
The next section allows you to take revenge on the kids which you can take to the next level and burn the house down! However when you do there are no repercussions as Nathan just turns up to pick up Jodie asks her what has she done before just calmly driving off leaving the kids and mother in tears at their burning inferno of a house!
** Spoiler End**

Apart from the beautiful graphics, Defoe and Page’s fantastic contributions and a handful of enjoyable levels this game can be boring a lot of the time, the story jumps time to much to allow you to build any sort of engagement to what’s going on and a few levels which will have you scratching your head as to why they are even in the game and what do they really have to add to the story in the end anyway.  They are there just to be there and that’s why I am so disappointed!


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