BioShock Infinite

Format Played: PS3
Publisher(s): 2K Games
Developer(s): Irrational Games
Release Date: March 26, 2013
Score: 7.9/10

Two Days! This is how long it took me to finish Bioshock Infinite.  Not to say it’s a very short game (it is a bit short) but I just couldn’t stop playing it.  I had played at least half this game already though, when I couldn’t afford it I happened to be around a friends who kindly sat there watching me play her copy, I think she plays through a game without searching for stuff so watching me go through amazed her because of all the items she realised she missed.  When I finally did get this game I knew at least 50% of what to expect.
I did love Bioshock it was so original at the time and 2 was very much of the same apart from you controlled a Big Daddy but was essentially the same game world.  The best thing about the first two games was the story and if you’re really dive deep into it, it really does go into a lot more detail then the surface suggests.  My advice if anyone wants a freshen up on the story line of the two previous games, go to youtube and search for user “xZeroTolerence55x” he breaks the whole storyline down and even the DLC and what happens in-between games 1 & 2 and the lead up to Infinite.  There was a lot of stuff I missed out on so I found it a fascinating story.

Bioshock Infinite moves away from the underwater world of Rapture to the sky world of Columbia.  You control a character called Booker De-Witt who enters Columbia through a lighthouse, something that may seem familiar to players of the original games.  Booker has been given a task to travel to Columbia and rescue a girl (Elizabeth) and bring her back in exchange to wipe away his debt “bring us the girl and wipe away the debt” something you will hear a lot of during the game.  This is essentially the whole plot line however like most great stories there is a lot more going on than initially suggested.

I don’t really dive too much into the story of games in my reviews in fear of accidently blurting out any spoilers so at this point I’ll move on.  Graphically the game is stunning, especially the start.  As you enter the town of Columbia some kind of festival is taking place, the streets are filled with the hustle and bustle of people everywhere, there are stalls which offer mini games that will give you a chance to play around with the games controls and it’s a nice way to ease you in especially new comers to the series.
You are however restricted to only carry two weapons throughout the story but when you do swap a weapon you still hold onto the ammo so I’d suggest swapping weapons often and allow the ammo build up.  Like previous games there are vending machines everywhere, one will sell power up’s for magic abilities, another to level up weapons and the last allows you to buy ammo and health.  I really didn’t see a point in this one as anyone exploring and searching every trash can and box will come across lots of health, salts and ammo as they progress and should never need to spend any money that could be used to power up abilities and weapons.  The funny thing is if you did happen to die you really aren’t punished for it, you may lose a little cash but you re-spawn a little way from where you were and just pick up where you left off.

Searching for ammo and health can become repetitive and boring but for players like myself who like exploration to find everything in a game as they can it really won’t bother this type of gamer.  As it happens I was also trying to find the other two collectables which were view finders (play a short silent film about the history of Columbia which I ended up missing one!) and audio diaries which are featured in previous games.

Unfortunately combat is the same as before, nothing really progressed with time, even some of the magic is the same although you can now hold down and create traps.  The game is very shoot and move on and I didn’t really find the normal setting much of a challenge so those who are used to FPS may wish up the difficulty.  The Sky rail system is a nice addition however you quickly lose interest with it and for me it looked far more interesting in the preview trailer.  Elizabeth can create tears in reality bringing guns, items and cover from other dimensions into your time to help you out.
The game play is pretty standard all the way through; there is a section which I hated where the game forces you to retrace your steps! Why would anyone want to do this is beyond me!

One thing for certain and that’s Elizabeth is a pleasure to have around! For an AI character, she provides support in battle and finds money for you while you are doing anything else.  She is also a very well-designed and likable character with the added bonus that she’s a help and not a hindrance.

The biggest thing that drives Infinite is the story.  The story in my opinion makes this game and keeps the player intrigued and interested from start to finish and leaves people discussing plot lines and their take on what’s happening.  Let’s face if gamers are talking about games to each other its great publicity for the developer.

In summery you are playing an average dated story driven shooter that is yet somehow still fun and exciting to play.  I’m sure there will be a time where I will go through and play this again if only to see if I have missed anything or maybe pick up on things I now know.
Any game that has an air of suspense and curiosity in my opinion will keep a player interested until the end.  But that’s coming from a guy who loves Story based games!
To add something else I’d just like to add that I loved the twins, I thought there characters where well written acted and I always wanted to know more about them.


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