Saints Row The Third

Format Played: PS3
Publisher(s): THQ
Developer(s): Volition, Inc.
Release Date: November 18, 2011
Score: 7.1/10

Saints_Row_The_Third_box_artGot this free with Playstation + it’s one of those games that I have always overlooked because I have always played GTA and didn’t have room for two similar games.  This said the game coming onto PS+ gave me the chance to have a proper play around with it and I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed.

There are a few major differences between this and GTA & Saints Row but before I go I have to add that I will be comparing the two games throughout  my review as I feel GTA is the closest rival to the Saints Row franchise.  The first thing I picked up on was issues with the mechanics, I would park a car up and get out only to find the car was left juddering, I also had issues with some vehicles getting trapped in the road or buildings as well as walking through people & flying helicopters through wires etc.  On top of that the driving and helicopters controls didn’t feel as comfortable as they should be.

Having said all this the game doesn’t take itself seriously and this is one plus point over GTA.  GTA over the years have gotten a little too serious and I felt let down by 4 when they included all that relationship rubbish, forcing you to spend time with friends just to keep up a good relationship with them.  Saint’s Row just lets you go wild.  The missions are funny, story is entertaining and the weapons are over the top, unrealistic and fun to use.
I like random and I got a lot of that out of this game.  Something I always felt missing from the GTA games was to pimp your ride which you can in Saints (I think this is also coming to GTAV), you can steal a car, drive it to the nearest garage and then it’s yours.  Transport delivery is a huge help sometimes and I love some of the air transportation you get later on in the game.

Some of my main issues with the game are:
– Some of the side missions are repetitive and are even featured in the main story
– When I fall off a cliff there doesn’t seem to be an easy way back up unless I dive into the water and warp myself back to land
– When I call for air transportation it seems to take forever to pick a spot to land
– When another saint drops off a car sometimes they would smash the thing up on route
– As I stated earlier there are glitches and quite a few
– Landing anything in the air seems to take forever sometimes


I managed to do all missions and side quests which is a good thing because it shows I never got bored enough to stop playing, but on the other hand it did feel very short.  There are some missions which I really did enjoy playing and some of the sub characters are very entertaining indeed.

Even though I wouldn’t have purchased this game I am glad I finally got to play it.  I can’t see myself pre ordering Saints 4 over GTA V, while GTA does have its flaws I can tell Rockstar put a lot of time and effort into everything they do (probably because they publish their own games).  The entertainment, freedom and over the top randomness really do overshadow the games flaws I mentioned above, plus you can change the sex of your character.
If you don’t want anything that takes itself too serious and you love customization then this game is for you.


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