The Last of Us

Format Played: PS3
Publisher(s): Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer(s): Naughty Dog
Release Date: June 14, 2013
Score: 9.8/10

TheLastOfUsWhat a fantastic new IP game this is. After watching the trailers in previous E3’s The Last of Us immediately caught my attention as a game I must play, as soon as pre orders where available I had one ordered so I could have it on day one which I hardly do these days as due to the fact that my backlog will keep me going and if you wait a week or two most games will drop in value. It’s been a very long time since I have played a game then after a while meaning to shut down and finish only finding that I’m still playing 2 hours later.
Naughty Dog have done a fantastic job with The Last of Us, the character development the best I have seen in any video game, making you feel something for each and every one of the characters you come across tugging at your heart strings here and there.
Attention to detail is just perfect, little things you may not pick up on first time around that you may miss until pointed out just shows how much time Naughty Dog have put into the game and didn’t rush the release.

Graphics look amazing on a 7 year old console, I know there has been some stick from PC gamers about this but people need to remember the hardware we are playing on. Uncharted was a good looking game but for me this just edges it, ND are getting everything out of the PS3’s showing that a new game IP can still look fantastic and fun to play.
The soundtrack matches the gameplay and really comes into effect during the games touching moments or when you are on edge, paring up with the surroundings you are faced with perfectly.

What annoys me most about this game is when I look at Resident Evil and think how good that series used to be before chasing sales and turning into an action Zombie shooter. If you compare Resi to The Last of Us it’s the direction Capcom should have chosen, when I play this game I can’t help feeling this is what Resi should have been instead of the rubbish the last two games have been.

One of the games only bad points in my opinion could be taken either way, I chose to wear surround sound headphones while playing, the way movements of enemies are detected by sound alone gives you a better sense of your surroundings using them. There are times when you will have to be quiet not only picking up on who is in front of you but sometimes enemies will make their way around you. When it’s quiet and I mean really quiet, I don’t want to hear my AI allies stomping around making all the noise in the world. One character in particular near the start of the game makes so much noise that it annoys me not only because I am trying to be quiet but when facing enemies that detect your slightest sound yet fail to pick up on the AI’s stomping completely ruined the moment.
On the flip side I suppose it’s better than them triggering things out of your control.

I am amazed how this game doesn’t get boring and how well ND have achieved this by mixing things up, changing the character you play, adding infected enemies and human all of which you have to tackle differently so you are constantly thinking. The way I feel tense and on edge when entering dark areas, the way I actually feel connected to the characters and personally for me taking down enemies silently with a bow and arrow undetected always feels great


I really loved the story progression between Joel and Ellie, after losing his daughter at the start of the game he really doesn’t want to get hurt again. Once pairing up with Ellie you can see he wants to get rid of her as soon as possible, his daughter’s death is still strong with him and he doesn’t feel he can protect about her child. But how they bound through the game and how Joel’s feelings start to change that he won’t let anything happen to her is better than any other game I have ever played. The closest to this would have been The Walking Dead TellTale game another Zombie apocalypse game.

One of my favorite games ever.


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