The Unfinished Swan

Format Played: PS3
Publisher(s): Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer(s):Giant Sparrow, SCE Santa Monica Studio[1]
Release Date: October 16, 2012
Score: 9.0/10

After playing tTheUnfinishedSwan-Box-Arthis around my friend’s house I immediately went home and downloaded if for myself. Journey & Flower from That game company have been some really great gaming experiences for me and also The Walking Dead from Telltale really shows how strong shorter downloaded games can be that give gamers something different then the yearly sequels that game producers seem to want to churn out. The Unfinished Swan passed me by, I didn’t know much about it until my friend brought it up. Controls are very simple, you play in first person and the only two buttons you need are jump and throw paint (or later on water).

You start the game with a completely white screen. It’s completely random and different to any other game I can think of, you look left, right, up, down and everywhere else and all you can see is just white. You really have no sense of direction as to where you are or where to go but then you throw some black paint and it splatters against a background you were previously unable to see. Slowly as you start to throw more paint around the background which has always been there is slowly reviled to you forming a beautiful black and white path or splatters for you to follow. The way this is done is so simple yet very cleaver at the same time.


Have no fear though because as you progress through the game shadows, and slight outlines and colors are injected into the game to help you find your way more easily. There are hidden Balloons throughout the game which when collected allow you to purchase extra items from the Toy shop in the main menu. Some golden letters dotted around the game will open up a hidden story board once struck.

Later on the game advances using water instead of paint to grow vines which you can climb and make new paths, darkness will force you to stay in the light area’s and brings with it a sense of fear and then the ability to create platforms to stand on all of which come bring puzzles you will need to solve to progress forward. The story isn’t amazing but simplistic and enough for the game size but for me its all about the gameplay and mechanics. My first playthrough took 3 hours however you can bump that to 5-6 if you want to do everything. At £10 it may seem a steep price however for something fresh and new I highly recommend it.


2 thoughts on “The Unfinished Swan”

  1. Yeah really cool little game. I got about halfway through and got terrible motion sickness for some reason, which never happens to me gaming. Still plan to pick it back up sometime soon.

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