Xbox 360

The Walking Dead

Format Played: XBL
Publisher(s): Telltale Games
Developer(s): Telltale Games
Release Date: 2012
Score: 9.5/10

Short Review

TWD-game-coverRemember when I said Journey was the best game of 2012? Well I’d like to change my mind.  Although I never played this game until 2013 it’s still my game of 2012, which still counts right?

It amazes me out of all the big release games there where it comes down to two games that where released for download only either via the PSN or Xbox Network have impressed me most.  The Walking Dead is perfect, it really is; Telltale has succeeded where other games have failed when it comes to survivor horror.  Resi for me has lost the plot from how it used to be so much so that I have completely disregarded 6.

For me Telltale have got it so right,  the game doesn’t have much combat and most of the time it’s very slow paced however its driven by a strong storyline that runs alongside the series yet being totally separate, I promise you that you will be completely hooked!

The Walking Dead is split into 5 chapters where every decision you make will have an outcome to how you progress and how other characters see and treat you.  There isn’t always an easy or correct answer to most of the choices that get thrown at you and some will have a short time limit to respond which really puts you on the spot.

It’s one of the most emotional games I have ever played.  You really feel like the choices you make actually have an outcome unlike some other games I could mention.  The bond you feel between characters you meet along your journey and who you chose to trust works perfectly.  From the start you will meet a young girl who you take into your care, you will find that the bond between your character and her grows as the game progresses and you will actually want to protect her.  Never has a game really pulled you in so much that you become emotionally attached to the characters.  If you don’t feel this attachment when you reached at least the half-way point than you have no soul!


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