Xbox 360

Halo 4

Format Played: Xbox360
Publisher(s): 343 Industries
Developer(s): Microsoft Studios
Release Date: November 6, 2012
Score: 8.7/10

Halo_4_box_artworkWith 343 Industries taking over the Halo Franchise from Bungie I had huge expectations for their first Halo game designed from scratch after the amazing job they did with the revamp of the first original game Halo Anniversary.   Needless to say they never let me down, graphically the game looks stunning which is noticeable from the off, they have really put a huge effort into Halo 4 and it really shows that they are taking good care of the franchise.

If you are a fan of the series you will notice from the start that 343 have changed a few things; the guns have more realistic sound and weight to them, the grunts are now a lot more serious.  At first I missed the old style Grunt which were colorful and stupid but now they sound much more serious and hold heavier guns & armor which lead to me shouting out “I can’t believe I got killed by a Grunt!” or something close to that anyway, something I would hardly ever say in previous Halo games as they were a species that got in my way.

One of the only issues I had with the new Halo game was the introduction of the Prometheans or more to be precise the Promethean Knights who for me are just bullet sponges.  Personally I would just shoot and shoot and shoot at them to find that have run out of ammo and if that’s not bad enough there are watchers flying around healing or casting a shield over them.    I know I am not the only person who dislikes them especially when playing on Legendary and you empty a clip into them to find they have teleported away from you.   Along with new enemies you have new weapons, some are pretty decent like the Incineration Cannon which is brilliant when you have one in your procession however not so great when you sense the last few seconds of your Spartans life as you are caked red light of death.  Other weapons like the Light Rifle, Scattershot are just revamps of current weapons and don’t get me started about how useless a Pulse Grenade is, they are pointless! Yes they are!

This aside Halo 4 really does have some beautiful moments.  The campaign is a pleasure to play, graphically stunning with a fantastic soundtrack that has some very memorable tunes.  The Weapons sound and feel the way they should and the game feels much more serious than any of the previous in the series.
Also let me add that Co-Op is back and just as fun to play apart from two area’s which forces you both to use a vehicle, if you don’t keep up with your partner you are as good as dead!

Everything other than The Single Player Campaign forces you to have a Gold Xbox Live account, if you don’t have one you simply can’t play any of the extra features which I can understand a lot of peoples frustrations.  Multiplayer I can look past as you are playing with others and this has also been a Gold privilege but the Spartan Ops should be allowed under the Silver membership as like the Campaign being a single player or Co-Op event.
This is the sole reason I have waited so long to publish my review as I never had a Gold account until recently and have only just been able to play the Spartan Ops missions and Multi Player.


The Spartan Ops missions are short story based games split over (currently) 10 Episodes which consist of 5 Chapters, most of which will have you traveling from point A-B whilst being heavily attacked from all angles or it will have you defending a point……………………. whilst being heavily attacked from all angles.  The levels are fun and short but hardly Imaginative in the slightest.

Multi Player is just like previous Halo games however I believe it’s gone back to the days of Halo 2 online where it’s actually fun to play.  My only issues are slight and that’s respawning next to enemies or in the middle of battles and the fact there are still people who cheat to their advantage glitching all over the place on purpose making them near impossible to hit.

In Conclusion Halo 4 is back on track, you get loads of value for your monies so long as you have a Gold account and it’s everything a Halo fan should want and need until 5 comes out.  I love a comment that was previously made on one of the reviews “343 have out bungie’d bungie” and that’s a true saying right there.  343 obviously know what the fans want and I believe they can move the series forward without derailment.


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