Xbox 360

Portal 2

Format Played: Xbox 360
Publisher(s): Electronic Arts
Developer(s): Valve Corporation
Release Date: April 21, 2011
Rating: 12
Score: 9.3/10

It’s short, it’s hilarious and it’s awesome!

After playing Portal 1 I was unsure how they could make another game along the same lines because towards the end of the Portal you understood how the puzzles worked and things became easier.  Portal 2 mixes it up quite a bit taking you away from the testing areas and giving you other area’s to explore as well as introducing gel’s and bridges into the puzzles.


Portal 2 is longer than the first however it’s still reasonably short and you will find yourself completing it pretty quickly but somehow it feels if the game was any longer it would have gotten boring.  If you want something fresh and new then this is the game for you, the puzzles I felt were easier than the first game but you still got that satisfaction once you worked it out or what I like to call that “eureka” moment.

The voice acting is perfect, GLaDOS makes a very welcome return, Stephen Merchant has me in stitches as Wheatley, J.K Simmons who plays as Jonah Jameson makes a surprising voice appearance and you will be delighted to hear the tones of Nolan North here and there throughout the game.


I love things that make me laugh, and this game really does from time to time.  I felt myself chuckling to myself every now and then at little moments in the game, even as I write this I have a huge smile on my face thinking back over some of my gaming moments.

Recently I got a chance to play the co-op missions and this gives a completely new spin on the puzzles and also features the voice of GLaDOS.  Instead of just two Portals you have to work together with a friend using 4 portals which means you have to think outside the normal Portal box.  Me and my mate had a laugh playing on split screen and I am sure it would have been just as good over xbox live!


The puzzles of 2 were easier than the first but it’s the gaming experience that did it for me rather than the puzzles themselves.  It’s a game I can’t wait to play again and probably one of my games of last year.


This surely is a hidden gem of a game and anyone who hasn’t heard of Portal I highly recommend it.  The script is written by a genius and it’s one of the best gaming experiences I have had from start to finish!


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