The Last Story

Format Played: Nintendo Wii
Publisher(s): Nintendo & Xseed Games
Developer(s): Mistwalker & AQ Interactive
Release Date: February 24, 2012
Rating: PEGI 16
Score: 9.0/10


When I came across screen shots from a Japanese magazine article for The Last Story it immediately struck my interest as a game I would love to play however I was quickly brought back down to Earth when there was no plans for a release in the UK.  When the game was released in Japan it immediately hit the number 1 spot making thousands of JRPG fans extremely jealous and I remember signing a petition to get the game released in the UK.

To make matters worse I decided to watch some video’s players had created and uploaded onto You Tube and also some of the music, everything was wetting my appetite for this game that when it finally got a UK announcement date I was over the moon and even more so when we were getting a limited edition version.

As much as I love the Final Fantasy games they have seemed to become too big for themselves losing their way a bit from what really stands out in a JRPG.  The Last Story is what I would call a new version of an old style JRPG, the look and feel is familiar yet new.  The Last Story’s Graphics, The Story and the music all remind me of classic Final Fantasy games, the music is especially good and so it should be as Final Fantasy’s old composer Nobuo Uematsu was brought in by creator Hironobu Sakaguchi another old Final Fantasy creator back in the Squaresoft days.


The battle mode takes the control away from you a bit which is difficult to get used to at first, just moving towards enemies for an automatic attack leaves you feeling a bit left out of the battle however this is built upon as you progress through the game working out certain patterns and techniques to get through parts of the story.    If there was a downside to the battle system I would say it comes during boss battles, once of your characters will shout out to you telling you exactly what to do to defeat it and if you don’t do it they will repeat and repeat it until you do.  Once you do know how to take down a boss the boss becomes almost too simple that battles can be over in next to no time.

The story like Xenoblade is pretty deep keeping your interest from the start until the end pretty easily.  The graphics are good despite being on the Nintendo Wii, every character is likable from the off and the British voice overs really suit the game to a T.


The game itself is quite short and the side quests don’t come up on your map so sometimes I forget what I have actually accepted to do.  There is only one town but it’s pretty big, big enough to get lost in without using the map, there are things to do just try not to take on to much at once.


Apart from a few minor bad points The Last Story is a very good game however IMO it’s not as good as Xenoblade which managed to hold my interest for over 120 Hours.


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