Xbox 360

Mass Effect 3

Format Played: Xbox 360
Publisher(s): Electronic Arts
Developer(s): BioWare
Release Date: March 9, 2012
Rating: PEGI 18
Score: 7.5/10

I don’t want this review to be focused on the ending but it was so poor that I can’t help but not talk about it.  I have only just finished the game so luckily I had Bioware’s revamped ending where you actually have some explanation as to what the hell is going on!  This review is full of spoilers so if you haven’t played the game please stop reading now!

It seems that all the choices you made up until this point has no real effect on the outcome of the game.  Sure it’s nice that you brought the galaxy closer and now everyone gets alone but your actions through ME3 have no real baring on the outcome only the three choices you are given at the end or the refusal you can make which in turn leads to the destruction of all life by the reapers anyway no matter how good your Galactic Readiness rating is.  In fact why build your Galactic Readiness rating up anyway if it has no bearing on that outcome?

During my playthrough I reunited all species, chose Ashley over the others which lead to Miranda dying, made it with Allers (Jessica Chobot) which again made no real change or impact on the story.  I saved the Rachni Queen who said she would help fight but I never seen her again or her specie again, I should have just ended her race!

I just felt as if all the time I spent making decisions and doing side quests were for nothing.

Mass Effect has yet again been stripped down from RPG elements and become more combat based.  The Mass Effect fans loved the first game so why do they keep taking the things we loved away?  The Galaxy map has gone from landing on random planets and searching on a buggy for items in 1, to scanning loads of planets in 2 to Scanning a handful of planets in 3.  The amount of people you can interact with has been cut down considerably and roaming the Citadel now makes it feel very small as you go place to place via an elevator.

The game play and fighting remains as fun to play as ever and the story up until the end is pretty good too, enough to keep me glued to the screen playing for hours on end.   Although ME3 felt a lot shorter (think I completed it in 32 hours and that’s was doing as much as I could) this is due to the smaller size of locations and less side quests.   ME3 looks, feels and plays as good as the previous games it’s just let down by a disappointing ending and a few missing features.  It’s still a great game, it’s just I want to feel rewarded for my efforts, to feel like the choices I made actually made a difference to how the end turned out.  This is a big mistake by bioware however I do appreciate the steps they took to slightly improve the ending from the original ending.


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