Xbox 360

Lego Harry Potter: Episodes 1-4

Format Played: Xbox 360
Published by: Warner Bros. Interactive
Developed by: Traveller’s Tales
Release Date: June 29, 2010
Score: 8.1/10

If you like Harry Potter and you enjoy the Lego games then getting this should be a no brainer.  The game plays well, it’s easy to pick up and there are lots to do and collect.

I have just finished the game getting everything there is to collect and unlocking everything there is to unlock, it was a grinding effort and long winded at times but I got the job done!

Those used to Lego games will know that collecting is the main focus of the game, Studs, Red, Blue and Gold Bricks and of course Unlock able characters to which there are many which means you will be revisiting places more then once, I guarantee it! To gain 100% you need to find everything then play a bonus level at the end, it’s long but not as long as the Complete Star Wars collection (stupid super story mode).

As with some of the previous Lego games collecting becomes easier once you find some of the red bricks which allows you to turn on arrows that will point in the rough direction of the items locations you need, this is very helpful as you will miss a quarter of items on your first play through I guarantee it! Having said that the two things I needed to collect to gain 100% didn’t show up even with this extra activated which caused me to get frustrated walking around and around Hogwarts for hours trying to gain my final Gold Brick.

The story mode goes through the first 4 books/films picking out 6 moments in each film to play through.   I felt they could have done a better job picking which moments should be playable as some of the levels became repeated which isn’t great as you will be repeating levels for collectables anyway.

Apart from that the game stays true to the Lego charm including moments for both younger and older gamers.

1,000 gamer score is easy to get to (Easier then Star wars) just takes a bit of grinding!

I look forward to playing the later years before LOTR’s is released.


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