Batman Arkham City

Format Played: PS3
Published by: Warner Bros. Interactive
Developed by: Rocksteady Studios
Release Date: October 20, 2011
Score: 91%

Arkham Asylum was such a massive game and the best Batman video game since the one on the NES that when I heard they were releasing a sequel in a sandbox city I was dancing with the devil in the Pale moonlight.
I have to say I was not disappointed by the hype when I turned on the game to play as Bruce Wayne who has being thrown into Arkham City boarded off from the outside world holding all of Gotham’s criminal minds in one city which is just perfect.
One little problem was that so much is going on it feels like Rocksteady have tried too hard adding in so many of Batman’s villains in that some of them don’t have the playtime I would have liked and only are involved in small side quests you breeze over.
Once you come into the city for the first time you can pretty much travel wherever you like which can be a little overwhelming at first but as you progress through the game you will manage to get around in no time at all and the map actually doesn’t feel that big. You can attack goons dotted around the city by a full on attack or by stealth which can be just as much fun.

The main story isn’t actually that long and I was amazed to find I had completed the game in no time at all, in fact I didn’t even know I was heading towards the end when I got there and it took me by surprise.
The Riddler is back and so are his trophies which have been dotted around the city along with challenges, places to locate and friendlies to help. Most trophies will require a little thought or upgraded weapons to capture and you will find yourself revisiting area’s time and time again as you locate new trophies in each of the areas. Alongside the trophies there are other things to unlock and Easter egg locations to find.

The game play itself has improved and you can now take on more enemies that AA and the controls still remains simple to pull off. You will get a hit counter and the more you progress and the higher you get your chain you will be rewarded with bonuses during combat.

Voice acting has stepped up a gear and every character brings individuality to the game and as you fly over AC you will hear conversations from Goons who will occasionally drop a few off game comments about LOST and Facebook. The first time you hear them you are not sure if what you heard was correct and it’s a nice touch.

Overall I am very impressed with Arkham City and have played it none stop even continuing after the end to complete all side quests and extras. The Catwoman levels are a nice change and the challenge mode provide a separate after story challenge. If you love Batman or you loved the first game you can’t fail to fall in love with this game.



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