Format Played: PS3
Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developed by: Sucker Punch
Release Date: May 26, 2009
Score: 68%

I would love to tell you how great this game is and that I give it full marks but there are just too many little issues to warrant it being a good great game.  I’ll start with my issues as they seem to stick in my head more then the good points.

The sandbox city looks pretty decent enough, hardly anything like Assassins Creed graphics but good enough for this gaming generation.

With your new found powers you can pretty much go anywhere but water (which having an electric charge running through your body is pretty understandable) the major issue is climbing certain buildings.  Not everything you see you can actually climb, certain ledges which look like you can grab you actually can’t and will find yourself sailing straight through them.  The biggest problem when this occurs is actually part of a story mission when climbing a massive tower made of junk.  Even jumping from platform to platform you sometimes fail to grab hold of pipe or billboard and just end up falling to your death (which however is a major contradiction as you can free fall from the highest building without dying during any other part of the game).  Dropping down ledges or free falling in a hurry can also be a problem as your character will just grab things without you wanting to which can lead to you missing time limits or just getting shot at!

The other issues I have are the submissions seem to be much of the same as some of the story missions.  For example one story missions has you destroying oil tanks than you have to repeat in about 3 more sub missions! Pointless and boring!

The levels of hardness during the game seem to jump around a lot, one moment the missions are easy the next you’re on a bus being attacked from all angles and dying easily.

The missions where you have to follow a helicopter by using the rooftops and rails can be a nightmare as you are going in one direction then the chopper changes direction and you find yourself going the wrong way.  If you happen to fall off the rooftop you might as well give up and also there is no onscreen time limit so you don’t know how long you have left to get to the end destination.

The controls can be uncomfortable at times, especially when you are trying to quick fire again and again, I found my fingers started to ache after a while and there are too many button changes during big fights which lead to pressing the wrong buttons.

The good and bad levels of your character really are the worst thing about this game, I have finished both and some of the missions while being bad you act just the same as you do when being good!  One minute you are killing protesters the next you have to save people from being blown up! And your character remains the same only looking gray and out of place to the other people walking around.

Even though I have pointed out the many issues this game has there are moments when this game can actually be quite enjoyable.  The story is pretty good (if acted badly), the fights can be fun and some of the original missions are a joy to play.  But all the issues I have experienced haven’t left me wanting to play the second game.


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