The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

Format Played: 3DS
Published by: Nintendo
Developed by: Nintendo
Release Date: June 19, 2011
Score: 98%

When one of my favourite games get’s a re-release of course I am going to purchase it for the 3rd time! I tried to resist by telling myself I already own it on the gamecube but just got easily caught up in the hype and believe me I am not disappointed with the new improved port to the 3DS.

This review is more about the changes and my gaming experience rather than the story. If you are new to the game I only have two words for you “Play it”
The things that make this version so special are the improved graphics which look polished and fresh the whole game has pretty much had a makeover while at the same time looking and feeling true to the original. Looking around Hyrule you will be amazed to see light shining out of windows in Kokiri Forest, Link looks better if a little too green, flowers are coming up from the ground and trees look fuller, the moon and sun look stunning as they rise and fall and the shops are full making them seem less empty. Two things I forgot to mention but you already should know; the game is portable which means you can play it at work (I mean on the bus) and it’s in 3 smeging D!

The 3D really is impressive and should be played throughout the story, the depth is amazing to look at and certain areas really do show how good the 3D is on the 3DS. One area especially blew my mind is Kokiri Forest! All the fairy sparkles floating around really do seem to come out at you more than everything else and it really does drag you into what you already know will be an amazing experience.

The changes to the control layout personally for me is for the better, using the bottom touch screen as a map to get around is very handy in dungeons so you know where you have already visited just by a glance of the eyes and the quick change items/weapons come very handy when dealing with tricky enemies. You can now use the touch screen to play the Ocarina which makes following songs easier to remember and there is also a option to see the list of songs as a visual aid you have already learnt.

There is a new control feature that I both love and hate, you can now use the 3DS motion control to look around & also aim certain weapons like the boomerang and bow and arrow. Brilliant idea and really easy to use making aiming quicker than using the control stick. My issues with it are the fact you look a bit silly moving the 3DS around and if you want to look all the way behind you sometimes this isn’t possible. Luckily I played it during my lunch hour at work and I sit on a spin chair although I did get a few odd looks! The other issue is with the 3D on a small screen the slightest movement can cause ghosting and blurriness which can be frustrating when in combat however the laser sighting on the hookshot is a godsend for accuracy!

Everything is there as it was before including all the side quests just be warned that Navi will keep interrupting you every so often to give you a hint where to go next, this can be annoying hearing “hey” every once in a while!
Master Quest is also unlocked and the chance to do Boss Speed runs which will keep you occupied once you have finished the game.

All that said the updates are a huge welcome keeping the game fresh to play but not changing anything we fell in love with on the N64. Despite my minor issues this game gets full marks from me. A classic I will play time and time again.


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