Epic Mickey

Format Played: Wii
Published by: Disney Interactive Studios
Developed by: Junction Point Studios
Release Date: November 25, 2010
Score: 81%

I bought Epic Mickey over the Christmas period having loved the look of the trailers and watching the opening scene on you tube. First off I love graphic style of this game, for the Wii it really does stand out as one of the best looking 3rd party games. The music is very Disney and so is the story if a little darker than you may be used to.

Watching the opening prologue is essential to understanding the games story, it shows you how Mickey creates the world you eventually play in. Mickey gets captured and finds himself between the wasteland world’s twisted borders and embarks on a mission to get himself out while making amends for what he did.

To get through the game Mickey is armed with a paintbrush which acts as both a Painter and Thinner. You use the paint to paint objects in while using the thinner to remove obstacles in your path, it really is an original idea which is another reason this game stands out. You will learn through your travels that hidden items are hidden throughout the world and thinning as much as possible will allow you to find them.

Throughout the game you will be faced with enemies called blotlings which you can paint to make them friendly then they will turn blue and ignore Mickey and even help him out against other blotlings or you can choose to thin them out which will get rid of them completely. Along with these two options Mickey also have a spin attack which is used much like it is in Mario Galaxy by a quick flick of the Wiimote. Later upgrades will give Mickey TV’s used to distract enemies, an anvil to crush them and get to higher levels and the ability to slow down time for a few crucial seconds which is handy when moving through fast spinning blades and closing walls.
Alongside the main game you can also take part in sub quests by helping out the world’s local folk which earns you extra items and power sparks that are needed to allow you to open up new worlds to progress through the game.

Throughout the game you will be faced with choices which will determined the games ending and mostly consist of finding certain items and painting bosses or thinning them out. There are a few choices that will creep up on you and before you know it you have already made your choice before you realized it which is another reason to reply the game along with the alternative endings this game holds.

You travel between the worlds in the wasteland through a projector screen and enter a 2D sideways scroller. The change is nice at first but doesn’t last long before becoming repetitive especially when you are forced to go back and forth for sub quests. The other annoying part of this game and probably the biggest is the games camera; it’s hard to control what it does sometimes making the easiest jumps difficult and boss fights very frustrating especially when moving around them and the camera is off facing a wall. You can bring the camera back to behind Mickey but when trying to move around a boss it’s not the way you always want to face so sometimes you are not even facing the boss.

On whole Epic Mickey is a very entertaining game which allows multiply playthroughs but sometimes the camera issues can be a game killer!


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