Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

Format Played: PS3
Published by: Ubisoft
Developed by: Ubisoft Montreal
Release Date: November 16, 2010
Score: 93%

At the time this game was released I didn’t have the funds to purchase a new copy so I had to wait it out listening to people discussing about how good a game it was which wasn’t nice having loved both AC1 and 2.  As not many people liked the first game because they felt missions and gameplay were repetitive which didn’t bother me as I loved the parts you had to do over and over.  The second game really was an improvement though in both story and game play so it was hard to see how Brotherhood was going to top it being a continuation and not feel like an expansion.

The usual flag collecting, feathers are back and restoration of shops although it’s now throughout Rome rather than one town.   Each shop has certain tasks to complete before they will sell you certain things, this mostly consists of you searching treasure chests dotted around the city and stealing from Guards.

Improvements from the second include the ability to ride your horse anywhere, fast tracking around the city though tunnels you can restore and the ability to replay missions to get 100% Sync completion.  I also love the fact that certain areas are ruled by the Borgia which stops you upgrading shops and landscapes.  To get around this little problem you have to infiltrate their base and kill off the captain than burn down their tower to signal to the area that they are no longer controlled by the Borgia.  It gets pretty easy to do but always a fun satisfaction.

Leonardo is back and wants you to destroy his weapons blueprints and all the weapons as they have fallen into enemy hands.  Doing these sub missions is a nice divert from the main story and a chance to do something different.  First you have to kill of a guard holding the information where the weapon is being held than you have to find and burn the blueprints before stealing the weapon and using it for your escape before destroying the weapon for good.  All the weapons are different types of vehicles and are set in area’s you can’t visit in the city so they provide something unique to the main game.

A major added feature is the brotherhood which allows you to recruit on other assassins and send them out for work so the gain experience and improve your wealth.  The harder the job you send your assassin the more XP and Money you earn although the percentage of your assassin coming back alive changes the harder the work.  You can get around this by sending more than one assassin on the same job although XP is halved between them.

Another good thing about the brotherhood is that you can call them to your aid whenever you need so long as they are not already out on work.  Again the higher the level of your assassins the more chance you have of them surviving.

It really is a great improvement on the series and I look forward to the next installment and continuation of the story.


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