Little Big Planet 2

Format Played: PS3
Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developed by: Media Molecule
Release Date: January 18, 2011
Score: 96%

I thought Little Big Planet would be around forever, with over a million player created level’s to play, I didn’t ever expect to see another game and so soon too.  When LBP2 was announced I couldn’t see how they could ever improve on the first game, I am pleased to announce that I was wrong.

First off, if you have a previous LBP save, you will be asked if you would like to import the original profile over, this will transfer over all your costumes, materials, stickers etc which is very handy to have when creating new levels.

The controls and feel of the game hasn’t really changed, all the buttons still do the same things, customization is the same and there is even a small tutorial at the start like the previous game but without the cute music.

They have now added voices to some of the characters that guide you through each section which I felt was a bad idea and they should have kept things the same, if you complete certain parts of the story you can also unlock the costumes’ of these characters which IMO doesn’t really fit in with the Sackboy look.

The Story mode is much more challenging than the original, bringing in vehicles and games within games (a bit inception I know).   The dynamics of the game have also changed for the better allowing the screen to move around from its classic 2D lock so you can now travel vertical.

Completing a level 100% still requires you to finish it without dying (ace), collecting all items and prize bubbles and obviously to complete the level, this should give you lots of play troughs opening up different areas .  I did find it easy to get through the levels without dying until I got to the final chapter which seemed to step up the difficulty.

Vehicles can be a bit tricky to control at first but like everything in LBP practice makes perfect.  Every level can be played on your own or you could join someone else’s game.  The only problem I found is when you have a person follow you from a level to your pod you have to go into another person’s game to keep them because selecting to play alone will disconnect them.

The music choice is as good if not better than the original game and it really is fitting to the LBP world.  What amazes me is how they manage to find these songs, at a first listen you know it’s a LBP track it just feels right!

This is where I would normally put some bad points but I am struggling to find any, if you play on your own you won’t see many issues but in co op especially 3-4 players you may see some slowdown which can be quite annoying and if you are after 100% you will need 4 players to get to certain areas.  Apart from that I love the new design and game play.

I have yet to create anything but I am told it’s just as easy as the first game but with a lot more options and freedom to create whatever is spinning around that brain of yours.

In summery LBP2 is LBP but with a box full of added extra’s and designs, it will keep you playing and playing as new levels are posted everyday and the only way I can see this game dying is A) Sony Shut off the servers, B) LBP3 is announced or C) The world has run out of idea’s!

I would have loved the Collector’s Edition but there were none around to purchase L

Long live LBP and Sackboy, I always smile when I play it.


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