Xbox 360

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Format Played: Xbox 360
Published by: Activision
Developed by: Treyarch
Release Date: November 09, 2010
Score: 85%

I always like to play the COD games on Veteran and it has become a yearly thing for me to get this for Christmas than have a blast in the New Year a bit late to the party.

To start of the game looks fantastic and graphically it looks as good as a COD game should do with a soundtrack and great voice acting to match. The controls are the same as previous games which is easy to pick up and play.

Treyarch have picked up the development of this game and is shows at times with spawning enemies which just keep on coming and coming until you advance your position which I hated in WOW and also at points in this game.  You can sit in the same spot and just pick off enemies again and again as they march forward and take the exact same position as the previous enemy.

I have found lately that the COD games have gotten easier and easier since the second game which is a little disappointing and takes away that feeling of completing a hard game.  As well as being short the game is easy enough on Veteran apart from 3 moments in the game, 2 of which is due to respawning enemies and the other being on a moving vehicle which takes you into gunfire whether you like it or not.

This really is the only bad points I have about this game; the storyline is pretty good with some vehicle sections but mostly as a passenger rather than being in complete control apart from the chopper which is epic!

Hidden within the game are two small arcade games, one is the old text based adventure game Zork which can be a pain if you don’t own a keyboard/controller keyboard and the other is DOA which is a top down shooter which uses the left analogue stick for movement and the right to shoot in a 360 motion.  This has stages where you take on Zombies and get powerups as you progress, it’s more of a see how many points you can rack up game than anything else.

If that wasn’t enough the Zombie mode from WoW is back and left pretty much unchanged.

I have yet to experience online play but I understand it is as good as previous COD games.


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