Kingdom Hearts 2 [Re-Played]

Format: PS2[Played]
Published by: Square Enix
Developed by: Square Enix
Release Date: September 28, 2006
Score: 90%
Played 2 times

My second play through of Kingdom Hearts 2 from my beloved series was even better than my first play through. While the battle system makes combat vastly easier than the first game (apart from some bosses) the camera is a huge improvement as you can now use the right analogue stick to move the camera around.

As this is a reply I will stick to a short reason why I love this game. The storyline is just as good as the first game and the inclusion of Tron and the Lion King levels are a most welcome bonus. The Little Mermaid level uses quick button presses instead of combat which can get quite boring but the story is straight out of the movie which makes up for it. The world map layout is improved and so are the gummi ship levels which could be a separate game altogether.

The game can take from 25-50 hours depending on how many of the side quests and mini games you wish to finish. Some of the worlds from the first game are back but the new ones are just as good if not better, I do love the Lion King level as you get to play Sora as a Baby Lion.

The end Boss isn’t as bad as the first game and if you die you don’t get thrown back to the start of all fights. Kingdom Heart 2 really does reward you if you go out and do everything. The music is magical and very Disney, the characters are lovable and the Story is brilliant from start to end. The only problem I have with the series as a whole is it’s on to many different platforms so those who are after the full story will have to miss out or watch the clips on You Tube.


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