Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition

Format: Nintendo Wii [Played]
Published by: Nintendo
Developed by: Nintendo
Release Date: August 18, 2010
Score: 67%  (85% in 1993)

I knew most of what I was getting into when I purchased the Mario All Starts 25th year anniversary game and that’s a direct Snes port to the wii.  The graphics are the SNES version and the game play is the SNES version, hell! Even the background and menu haven’t changed.

To be fair I could just use the same review as I have already played these games on the SNES.  What bugs me about this port isn’t the graphics, music or game play, like I said I knew what I was buying.  What is annoying is the Laziness from Nintendo with this port and with that I mean the fact that it’s not even 60hz and what is unforgivable is the fact they still have the button layout of the snes controller in the menu screen.

The games themselves are good but have dated when you compare them to the New Super Mario Bros.  I also have the originals on Virtual Console, back in the 90’s the upscale was epic but now they look quite shoddy and was better left in my head as a memory.

To be fair I would have expected Nintendo to release all stars as a SNES game for 700 points on the vc as this is what it is a snes game.  The cardboard case is ok nothing great and could get damaged in the post, the booklet is quite good but one look through it and I’ll doubt I would ever pick it up again; maybe a hardback would have been better.  The CD that comes with the game has one track from every Mario game and than a few Sound effects from the original game.  While in my opinion they could have chosen many better tracks from each game it still is a nice touch to the pack.

I disagree with low ratings because the games themselves will always remain a classic but Nintendo could have done a lot more to improve the title, all I ask is for a new Wii menu screen and the game to run at 60hz.

A disappointment and missed opportunity by Nintendo.


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