Gran Turismo 5

Format: PS3 [Played]
Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developed by: Polyphony Digital
Release Date: November 24, 2010
Score: 89%

It does amaze me how quick people are to put down this game after playing for 5 minutes.  First things first, GT has and always will be a slow burner! You start off with little money and your first car isn’t going to be a Ferrari.  Another thing you will have to do is race certain cars which won’t be to your liking at all but please look at the grand picture which is when you start to purchase and race the bigger high performance cars.

The major problem which I can understand is the installation which seems to take an age.  After inserting the disk I had a 15 minutes update after which I decided to install the game onto my PS3 hard drive and after the length of MGS4 I knew would take some time.  23 minutes flashed up on the screen to which I thought this isn’t too bad but don’t be fooled people this went on for at least 50 minutes.

I am not including the installation as a bad point about the game because to be honest it’s nothing to do with the game play and I refuse to mark down a game because I had to wait for an installation I chose to do.

Gran Turismo 5 looks and feels stunning from the minute go; it’s addictive to play even when racing some of the lower performance cars.  The level up system will stop you entering the bigger competitions as well as the lack of money to purchase the bigger cars.  Each level has different races which will force you to meet the requirements before you enter and this more often than not is having certain cars.  My issue with this is that the dealerships don’t have all the cars for sale so you are forced to look into the used market but again this is very limited and chances are you will have to wait and wait for certain cars to come onto the market.  The other issue I have is that you have to remember what cars the race allows you to enter and try and find them in the market without forgetting them, it would be nice to be able to keep the list at the top of the screen to bring up so you can remember which cars you need as there are a lot of cars to go through.

My other issue is the B spec races which put you in charge of another racer you create who you have to instruct how to drive around a track and basically win races.  I found this part of the game tedious and boring and an unwelcome addition to what is a very good simulation racer.  What went through the developers mind to have you watch a race while telling the driver to speed up, slow down, maintain speed or overtake? I had my guy spinning all over the place and when I managed to get him into first place he plowed straight into a wall on the very last corner letting every numpty overtake him.

Racing aside there is new add on to watching replays which is the games photo mode which allows e you to take some pictures of your car against a backdrop or while in a race, the options you get are overwhelming and I have to admit its very addictive just taking pictures of a car.  You can share them online and even send them to your PS dashboard as wallpaper.  The pictures look so good that I have one of them as my Laptop wallpaper.

The licenses are back which you will have to take if you want to participate in races.  If you are going for gold they are very challenging to the point where I spent 90 minutes trying to gain 0.009th of a second to upgrade my silver to gold but a challenge is what I like so I am not going to complain about getting the most difficult trophy when Bronze is pretty straight forward to get and is all you need to gain a license.

Nascar and rallying are a welcome addition to the game and take some getting used to as the control and drive is completely different from the rest of the game, this also goes for the karts which isn’t in the game enough if you ask me.

The Top Gear challenges are let down by racing the slowest VW campervans around it then a Lotus which is difficult to control and one wrong move will have you disqualified from the race.

On a whole we have been waiting and waiting for GT5 which has sort of delivered.  There are a few niggles and the game is far from perfect but I can’t seem to stop playing it and surly that’s a good thing right? The graphics are stunning, the game play works just as well as previous GT games and the choice of car and track are immense.

Don’t be put off with disappointed reviews from people who have played less than 5 hours.


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