Xbox 360

Bioshock 2

Format: Xbox 360 [Played]
Published by: 2K Games
Developed by: 2K Marin
Release Date: February 09, 2010
Score: 88%


When I heard there would be another Bioshock I must admit I was a bit on the fence, my first thought was how they could improve on what I thought was one of the best and original FPS around and the answer was they couldn’t.

Not stating at all that this is a bad game because it’s just as fun and rewarding as the first but not much has really changed making this game more of an add on than a completely new game experience.

The fact you are a big daddy this time really isn’t that noticeable after awhile, sure you here big clunks when you walk or loud thuds when jumping off a ledge but until you see your reflection or shadow it just feels the same.

I am pleased to say that the hacking system is far easier and better than the first which also includes the new remote hacking darts which are a godsend.  Leveling up your person and weapons are just the same and a few better weapons to help you hold off splicers like traps, security bots and turrets.  I must add that I love the spear gun, it’s so much fun that if used right you will never run out of ammo because once you spear a splicer to the wall you can just pick your spear back up and there is nothing like seeing a spicer sail across the room and hit the back wall.


Because you play as a big daddy this time you can adopt little sisters from their previous big daddy’s once you dispose of them.  Once adopted you again have the choice to save or harvest them which in turn leads to different endings but before you do that you can take them to collect adam from dead splicers but this leads to an all out assault which you have to protect your little sister while she does her business.

The game starts off a bit challenging but I found like the first, once you gain more money and level up a bit you will sail through the game even on a hard level setting.

I will end saying that the online games I have played have been fun and enjoyable and is a welcome addition but the single player is more of the first game but still enjoyable.


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