A Boy and His Blob

Format: Wii [Played]
Published by: Majesco
Developed by: WayForward Technologies
Release Date: Oct 13, 2009
Score: 8.9%

I had this game last Christmas and have only gotten around to actually playing it.  Like me do not be put off by the games cover or first couple of hours of game play, A Boy and His Blob is fun and very addictive.

More of a puzzle based game without much combat the further you travel the more you will have to think about where to go and how to get there.  You play as a young boy accompanied by a helpful blob.  As a helpful companion you venture forth into the world that has been overtaken by creatures of darkness.  The controls suit the wii well and anyone can pick up and play this game, you can change blobs shapes by giving him given certain colored jellybeans from a parachute, rocket, ball etc.  Each level you will only get the jellybeans that are needed to work your way through the stage and also find the 3 hidden chests.

The levels are quite short and there are 4 main worlds in total but to collect all the hidden chests in the game you will open up a further two levels which I highly advise if you want to get the complete end to the game.  To do everything the game took me around 12 hours to complete, I feel that one play through is enough because it’s the puzzles that keep this game interesting and once you know how to progress and where everything is the game loses its touch.

There are a couple of bits that frustrated me; first off the blob doesn’t always come to your aid when you call for him forcing you to call for him over and over until he does.  Secondly he won’t always go to where you chuck the jellybeans which can be highly frustrating.  Apart from that the game is original and looks stunning.  Another thing I enjoyed about the game is the music helps with the overall feel of the game.


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