Rubix Re-played Kingdom Hearts

Format: PS2 [Played]
Published by: Square / Square Electronic Arts (US)
Developed by: Square / Disney Interactive Studios
Release Date: September 17, 2002
Score: 96%
Played: 4 Times


There’s a reason why this game falls into my top 10 games and that’s because it’s fucking awesome! Still IMO the best of the bunch and that includes BBS which I will be reviewing soon; from start to finish Kingdom Hearts is one of the best journeys I have been on in a Video Game.


Better than any solo Disney game, Disney team up with SquareSoft (Square-Enix) and its Final Fantasy franchise to bring you what can only be described as a Disney RPG.  While the game has some control issues and a terrible camera that has to be controlled using the shoulder buttons it does not distract you from its fabulous storyline.  Many of the Disney charters are official Disney voice actors from their films and the other voice acting isn’t far off either sometimes spot on.  I know that Disney employ voice actors who sound just like some of their characters rather than pay out to have famous actors back, sometimes they work and others not so much! Genie, I’m looking at you!


In brief you control Sora who dreams of leaving his world to visit others until one day his island is swallowed by the darkness and Sora and his two friend’s Kairi and Riku get split up and end up on different worlds.  Sora becomes a keyblade master enabling him to lock worlds from the darkness and sets off on his mission to close worlds and find his friends with the help of Donald and Goofy.  The first game you will travel to some well known Disney worlds, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan & Aladdin are some of the many worlds you will visit.

Doing everything will take you around 40 hours and that includes getting everyone’s ultimate weapons and beating all hidden boss battles, some more a pain then others but all rewarding.



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