Xbox 360


Formats: Xbox 360 [Played]
Published by: PlayDead
Developed by: PlayDead
Release Date: July 21, 2010
Score: 84%

Interesting download for xbox live comes in the shape of Limbo.  This game for 1,200 is a 2D puzzle plat former which will make you think a lot about where you need to go next and how.  The graphics are dark and mysterious and you are unsure of the storyline until the end but one thing is certain and that is you are in Limbo.

You control what looks like a young boy who wakes up in the middle of a forest and soon find out this world you are in has hidden dangers you have to navigate around.   As you travel through the game things get more complicated and a lot more interesting with what looks like natives which don’t seem to happy to see you.

In this game you will die a lot because you can’t really see the traps you come across until it’s too late but you will learn from your mistakes quickly.  Limbo is a cleaver little game with some hidden extra’s for you to find but IMO hardly worth the 1,200 gamerpoints they are asking.


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