Super Mario Galaxy 2

Formats: Wii [Played]
Published by: Nintendo
Developed by: Nintendo EAD Tokyo
Release Date: May 23, 2010
Score: 90%

The second installment of Super Mario Galaxy or SMG1.5 as it’s also being branded brings back the loveable character Yoshi to feature alongside Mario and also making Luigi a playable character (not that you really want him).

The only problem I have with this game and it is the only problem, but it’s basically the same game as the first, and no matter how good it is, it doesn’t really bring any new experiences to the Mario Series.   The storyline has become a running joke along the years, browser kidnaps the princess and you play as Mario going to rescue her picking up Star’s along the way.   One day I want to believe Nintendo will ruin our fun and change the story a little and not make it so predictable.

Along with the game there is a DVD telling you how the controls work and if that wasn’t enough they also have also added a separate piece of paper with the controls on, a manual and in game tutorial.  Surly 99.9% of the people buying this game will have played the first one?

Mario does have some extra moves where he can turn into a rock or a cloud but neither one really stands out.  You can again use Yoshi to your advantage by jumping off him mid flight just to save Mario leaving poor Yoshi to fall to his death but you tell yourself he’s doing it for the good of the mission so it must be ok.

The game plays as the first one does, taking the point that this should have been an expansion pack at a discounted price it’s actually as entertaining as the first but without the wow element and that is why I cannot mark it the same.


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