Xbox 360

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Formats: Xbox360 [Played]
Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: Digital Illusions CE (DICE)
Release Date: March 05, 2010
Score: 82%

While ditching its comedy blowing everything up appeal, I felt that the second Bad Company have deviated more towards a Call of Duty style of game play.  By all means this certainly isn’t a bad thing but on the other hand I play BC because it’s different approach to war games.

While the destruction you can cause and some humour are still in the game they have really put this on the back burner and a more serious approach and storyline have presented itself.  The game is by no means bad with easy controls and fun game play this makes the experience of Bad Company 2 a good one and certainly up there with the best war games available.

The single player plays like the first but step forward and stronger the storyline then its predecessor, as you already know the characters there isn’t a huge amount of Character development going on letting you get swiftly into the game.  At the start you play as another character but I can only assume this is to help you to understand the controls if you have not played the first game and I think the developers wanted to step away from that recap training the other war games do.

The graphics are a bit hit and miss, while one moment you can be thinking how wonderful everything looks while others look rushed.  As you move forward you can notice the background loading in front of you especially when you are in control of fast moving vehicles, this slow frame rate really lets the game down in places as its clearly noticeable.  The game is also short and provides little challenge for thrill seekers.  I played it on “hard“ mode and had no real problems making the game easy to flow through which isn’t the point of a hard level setting, those looking for a challenge may feel let down and disappointed.

Stepping away from the single player the online multiplayer is brilliant.  I have not played this enough to warrant a full review and as I have only played a few hours’ worth on rush.  Rush involves two sets of teams, one defending team and another is obviously attacking.  The ideal of the attackers is to try and destroy points and push the defenders back and back only all the points have been taken, while the defenders try to stop the attackers.  The game works very heavily on teamwork and if you are not in a well balanced team I would advise you to get out and search for another game as the last one I played my whole team went for kills rather than try and take the points, leaving me to try on my own without any back up.

Like COD online you have different levels and as you play as either Recon/Medic/Assault or Engineer you can level these up the more you use them giving you different equipment and weapons.  There are also Tanks, jeeps etc and some levels there are quite enough of these around so you don’t feel left out like on COD when someone always nicks the only tank.  The Helicopter I found the controls very difficult so I stopped trying to fly the damn thing and got in as a gunner.

All in all, while I feel that a lot of ideas have been copied from other games of its kind BC2 certainly is a very likable and playable game on and offline.


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