God of War Collection: God of War

Formats: PS3 [Played]
Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developed by: Bluepoint Games/SCE Studios Santa Monica
Released: November 17, 2009 (US)
Score: 95%

I never played God of War on the PS2 and my only experience with this series was on the PSP and I loved it.  Thanks to the good people at Sony they re-released God of War 1 & 2 as a collection on the PS3 and it has been up scaled to HD on one glorious Blu Ray Disk.

This collection is due out in the UK soon but I couldn’t wait and ordered the US version.  At its price this really is one to pick up for fans of the series and those who are new to GOW.

I will be keeping the GOW 1&2 reviews short as these are old games and most people would have already played them by now and it’s just me who seems to be behind the times.

God of War starts off looking like a PS2 game and as I have not played it on the PS2 I have no means to judge if it looks better.  Having said that, once you get past the first part of the game things start to look much better and you can clearly notice the upscale.  Everything does look great running on the PS3 including frame rate which doesn’t appear to have any issues.  The only thing that looks a little poor and dated is the Cut Scenes.

So onto the game, you play as Kratos who served as a Spartan general before selling his soul to Ares “God of War” for a power to destroy his enemies.  Power comes with a price, and Kratos is chained to his weapons and spends his life of conquering and following his masters bidding until something happens that changes him.

The game is pretty much a hack and slash but what really makes this game stand out apart from the wonderful locations and puzzles are the boss battles.  There is nothing like taking on a boss 3 times your size and making it fall (apart from Shadow of the Colossus).

The things that frustrate me sometimes are some of the areas you have to go through.  They can be a major frustration causing you to keep dying and dying and then it has the cheek to ask if you want to play the easier mood.  Oh but the funny side is the easier mode it offers you only makes the enemies you face easier and not the parts you are actually stuck on which makes it pointless!

Sometimes you have to balance on beams which you can easily slip off or areas where you have a short time limit before something happens meaning you have to double your speed and then you become more clumsy.

All in all the game is much better then it started out and just gets better and better as your progress.  I recommend this to anyone and as it’s two games in one and has extras like the making of and deleted stuff I consider this a bargain.  Stay tuned for my short thoughts on the second one.


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