Xbox 360

Mass Effect 2

Formats: Xbox360 [Played]
Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: BioWare
Released: January 29, 2010
Score: 94%

Mass Effect is back with everything I loved in the first game and a whole lot more.  The best thing I find about Mass Effect on a whole is the decisions you make and the impact it has within the game.  Not only does it make a difference within this game but into the next game too.  From the very start of ME2 you get given an option to import your game save from ME1 which then transfers all you decisions you made in the first game into the this one.  The big one being what you chose to do at the end of the first game will differ how you are perceived by certain races in this game and also if you happened to kill off a species in the first game they will not appear in the second and so on.  On top of that Characters will return from the first game and will treat you differently depending on how you treated them in the first.  As this is a trilogy the next game will also feature the transfer of game saves meaning there are so many different ways to play through this series of games, confused you? I’ve just confused myself but it a brilliant new angle on gaming.

You take control of Commander Sheppard again for a second time around, this time working for the people you were fighting against in the first game and like the first game you have to make decisions all through the game.  Although you will have  times where you will have to make a decision out of 2-5 options there really is only two outcomes and that’s gaining Paragon or Renegade, one bad, one good, the only problem being that the difference between the two isn’t huge and sometimes you will feel that the Renegade option is the better one.

I do like how the Renegade options are not a drastic difference; it makes you think more about your decisions.  Also the effects of these choices change the outcome of the game and also how loyal your characters are to you.  The game also now offers a quick time event consisting of the two sholder buttons (left Paragon, right Renegade) the only issues I had is that as soon as they would flash up I would hit them no matter which one came up.

The combat is pretty much like the first, hide behind cover then pop out to shoot, the only two issues I had was not being able to change the shoulder I look over and sometimes I would just automatically pop out of cover without wanting to.  You gain extra powers and weapons as you progress through the game but what you can have is all limited to which job you chose at the start of the game.

Visually the game looks stunning and a slight improvement on the first.  There is a little glitch here and there but nothing major and nothing that would complain about.

Moving from planet to planet has been altered slightly, you can now run out of fuel and the game forces you to visit planets to scan them for materials needed to upgrade your weapons, armour and ship, this method replaces having to land on each planet and travel around.  I do miss landing on the planets and the new scanning system gets boring fast as the scanner moves slowly across the planets surface, even with the upgrade.  It is worth visiting every planet as some hold sub missions which are short but can be fun.

The game is easier then the first one, making my play through quicker then I would have liked, although this didn’t affect me enjoying the game and the storyline which again is solid.

The game is played over two disks and you may have to transfer them from time to time depending on which planets you visit and what point you are in the game.    My advice to those with HDD space is to install both disks, this takes around 13GB.


3 thoughts on “Mass Effect 2”

  1. *cry*

    I miss my xbox360 already. Reading your review reminds me of how much fun I’m going to missing out one. It’s interesting that you say the sequel is easier than the first. How did that effect your gameplay? How quickly we’re you able to complete your first playthrough?

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