Uncharted: Drakes Fortune

Formats: PS3 [Played]
Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developed by: Naughty Dog Software
Released: November 20, 2007
Score: 91%

As my Xbox has suspiciously died I have gone back to some old games on my PS3 to finish them off. First off is Uncharted which I actually went back to because I really want to play the second game that is out now.
I am really glad that I did, this Tomb Raider slash Indiana Jones style game brings humor and great story telling to the Playstation 3. My first thought when playing this game was wow this is tomb raider with more fighting humans and there is a lot of fighting in this game which isn’t always a bad thing but in some cases it did go on for a while. You can only hold two weapons at once but you can drop and pickup weapons as you go through the game defeating enemies, which is quickly needed when you are low on ammo and will force you to move from area to area instead of just hiding in one spot. Enemies will also throw grenades at you which again will force you to move out of hiding.
You play as Nathan Drake who is looking for the lost treasure of El Dorado with the help of Sully and Elena who wants to capture the whole adventure on film as she is a reporter.

The gameplay is really good and the aiming system works very well, you can hid behind walls and creates but creates do not last long before falling apart leaving you exposed! The graphics in Uncharted are stunning at times especially the cut scenes. The humor this game brings works perfectly with the setting and both Sully and Elena prove to be fantastic sidekicks.

You can tell that the idea of this game has been taken from Tomb Raider even the puzzles which are a great touch but if you wait too long hints will come up. Also you will from time to time be asked to use the Motion Sensor in your sixaxis. Only criticism comes at the end of the game which some people may like but for me it changed it away from the game I was enjoying.

Although I do like the section where you are walking through dark tunnels with a small light waiting for anything to jump out you but like I said before it sidetracks the game away from what it set out to be. The other issue I had was the length of the game, you can play from start to finish in less than 10 hours but the gameplay that you do play makes this one of my favorite games out for the PS3.


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