Xbox 360


Formats: X360 [Played]
Published by: Microsoft
Developed by: Bungie
Released: Tuesday 22nd Sep 2009
Score: 81%

Another Halo game! Well not really, this one is set between 2 and 3 and does not feature Master Chief. In ODST you play as a Rookie in the streets of Mobassa who has been separated from the rest of his teammates. This area is an open world and you can travel through it to activate the other missions. Only issue is you have to go through the missions in the order they want you too and everywhere just looks the same, I found this the boring part in between missions. There is also a side quest where you can listen to the story of a girl during the Halo wars which I found interesting but didn’t find all the points so I don’t know the ending.
While you are playing at the rookie you will travel to different points to start missions or flashbacks of what the rest of your team is doing during the time you were knocked out. These missions are really good if a little short, you control different characters at each flashback and you get a feeling of being part of the team that is ODST as you unlock the whole story of what has being going on during this very short Halo game.

The controls are just like Halo the only factor is that you control ordinary men and that means you can’t jump as high as the Spartan or you are not as tough so you have to hang back in firefights and not rush in like the other games. This is a good thing especially if you have played through the other games as you get a real sense of being weak. All the weapons and vehicles are the same and handle the same but your energy works in a different way. As you are not the Spartan you can lose health quicker and if this is the case you need to find a health pack dispensers to replenish.

The game is very short, I finished the Normal campaign in just over 4 hours and that’s including looking for all the little girls’ story booths. (I found 28 out of 30) There is a second disk which has all the multiplayer maps from Halo3 which you wont need if you already have Halo 3 and also on the main disk is firefight which could have been a lot better if you could play with anyone online not just who is on your friend list.
In all I would not advise paying more then £30 for it, when its good its great when it’s not its boring and its very short!


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