Dissidia – Final Fantasy

Formats: PSP [Played]
Published by: Square Enix
Developed by: Square Enix
Released: 11 September 2009
Score: 91%

As a huge Final Fantasy fan this is a dream come true, taking characters from the early games right to FFX good and evil. Dissidia is so much more than a fighting game, you start the game buy choosing which day you want to earn double EXP on and also the game will decided another day which you earn more PP which can be used to unlock a vast amount of items and characters and bonus stuff. This game is a must for anyone who loves Final Fantasy.

The fighting is in a world of its own and battles can last from 5 seconds to 10 minutes, everything really is different from anything you have played before. You start with a prologue where you will learn different moves and some extras you can use within the battles. Once you have completed your training a vast amount of good characters will open up, each has his own story but all have the same objective and that is to acquire a crystal which will be used to defeat Chaos which is the big bad. Each character has his or her own fighting technique but the main buttons will be used for Jump, Attack and super attack which would be used to take out an opponent once you have broken their attacks. Whoever wins does not have to reduce their opponents HP down to 0 you can easily win the battle once you have taken a percent of their bravery down. The more you attack the higher your bravery and the lower your opponent and then once you see theirs break its time to go in for the kill. You also have a bar which builds up with each attack you make spreading something like shiny dust around the level which you can collect when passing through, there will also be a shiny bell which you can lock onto and will raise this bar quickly. Once filled your character can unleash their ultimate move which can finish off most enemies off in one hit.
Like other Final Fantasy games you can equip items to improve your character as s/he levels up, weapons and armor will improve attack and defense while equipping rings will improve HP and other extras. You can also collect and equip summons which will pop up during fights to help out, each summon has their own way of helping and once you collect enough you can choose which character owns which summons.

There really is a lot more to this then I can possibly put in one review, the fighting is really fun and you will find yourself flying through area’s performing stunning moves, the most impressive fight I have seen is Cloud vs Sephiroth fighting in the North Cave. The graphics are stunning for a hand held machine and even past characters have come back to do the voice overs. Yes this does mean Tidus too.

When you have enough PP you can start to unlock all the evil character which will be the main characters opposite from the game, E.G. Tidus vs Jecht, Squall vs Ultimicia etc etc.
Each of the 5 levels are played on a board, each character has their own board and way of traveling through it. Every move will cost you points but can be gained if you complete certain fights; these will be displayed before you choose them and will be things like finish the battle without taking a hit! On your first play through I wouldn’t worry about gaining the extra points and just level up as much as possible and collect all the chest you can, you will be scored at the end of each level and the points will gain your characters story level once you have completed that characters story.
The only bad thing about this game is you can be sailing through quite easy then you meet a character that can take you down within 10 seconds, it’s all down to reading what the character is equipped with so you know just what to do with him.

There really is much more I can tell you but I will leave it there as I am confusing myself let alone anyone reading this. I will add that the music features music from every game of that character with some old remixed. Also you can unlock different looks for each character like Clouds uniform from Advent Children. This game can be played by anyone but a true Final Fantasy Fan will admire it so much more.

Just an extra bit about the collectors set, this is more for fans, the game comes in a very nice box filled with goodies for collectors rather than use. The CD is a nice touch but I wish it was the full album rather than a couple of songs. If you can get one I would advise it but chances are they have sold out and people will resell them for a higher price, which is a shame for any true fan who missed out.


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