Formats: DS [Played]
Published by: Warner Bros. Interactive
Developed by: 5th Cell
Released: 09 October 2009
Score: 75%

As Maxwell your job is to find a Starites in each level in either an action stage or a puzzle stage. There are 10 worlds and each world has 10 Puzzle levels and 10 Action levels. Each level starts with a hint for each goal which makes what you need to achive slightly easier. Scibblenauts is basicly a puzzle game but you can ask for guns and bazookas to help you through each level. The game has a notepad at the top of the screen and once clicked it will allow you to pretty much type anything in that you think would assist you in your quest and when I say anything I mean anything, with over twenty thousand items and people added into the game. Not a great speller? Well once you type in anything that is not spelt correctly the game will throw up a few options that are close to the word you typed and this also goes for if there is more then one of the same thing.

Scibblenauts is an original game and i fell in love with it from the moment I first played it, solving puzzles with something original really does put a smile on your face and makes the game worth while. Once you complete a puzzle you get rewarded with points which lets you open up further places later in the game. You are awarded for time , items used and originallity. I really was amazed how the game knew which items did what and also which items interacted with each other like a dog would chase a cat which would chase a mouse or a caveman would be scared of fire and try to put it out.

While not having the best graphics this game is a pleasure to look at and simplicity is its biggest reward, this game is all about solving puzzles with items that the player thinks could assist. Sometimes you will get by from pure luck and this is one of the games biggest downfalls but I will return to this later.

Once you complete a puzzle/action level you will get a silver star and more levels will open up but to finish it 100% you will need to go through the level 3 times using different items then you used before which really becomes a challange when your brain runs out of words or when you can think of something but not its name.

The games biggest flaw is control. You use the stylus to move your character and the dpad lets you view what is around you. You also point at things you creates to move them into place or around the only problem is is if you mishit anything your character will come running along to where you clicked normally into oncoming danger or death meaning you have to restart the level. This really is a major problem as things like rope can move around and clicking the end could be more difficult then it sounds then along comes your character walking off a cliff or into lava.

With that out the way the game is brilliant its just a shame about the control which is a major issue.

You will never have played anything like this just be prapared to get frustrated.

**SPOILER ALEAT** There are some thought out words that let you travel to other levels like timemachine and teleporter, also some fun things like God and Angel but the fun is finding most of them out yourself **SPOILER END**


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