God of War: Chains of Olympus

Game: God of War: Chains of Olympus
Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developed by: Ready At Dawn Studios
Formats: PSP Played: PSP

Not played many PSP games for a while and one of my friends kept on telling me to get GOD so I picked it up. First impressions were that the graphics looked smooth and everything flowed pretty well with little slowdown. Sometime the frame rate will struggle to keep up but it’s rare and lasts less then a second.

The controls are easy to get on with, you have two attack buttons which can be used together to pull of combos, a block button and you can also dodge using the shoulder buttons and also your special attacks come from holding down L1 and using one of the four buttons on the front of the console.

The story and cut sense are very good slandered and entertaining throughout the game but the quick time events can be frustrating at times as they could be quite fast. The early stages when you have mini boss fights require you to finish off the bosses with quick time events but get it wrong and the boss regains half his health……………Half? It’s a bit much. The funny thing is that later in the game this no longer happens and any enemy you have to use quicktime events on still has it if you get it wrong.

As you power up the game gets easier and easier especially the end which is a little disappointing, also the length of the game is very short. I finished it in a day and a half and that’s only playing for a few hours.
Sometimes open chests and doors can be frustrating as you have to be standing in the correct place to get the option to open.
I feel that they have concentrated to much on quick time events rather then stick to epic boss battles and this is a shame as it gets a bit too much.

This is the only problem with the game, its fun to play, a great story and I suppose it would have a replay value. My recommendation would be to start on Hard if you plan to go through it once. You can pick it up for £10 so it’s more then worth it for this price.

8 out of 10

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