Xbox 360

Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Conspiracy

Game: Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Conspiracy
Published by: Vivendi Games
Developed by: High Moon Studios
Formats: Xbox360, PS3 Played: Xbox360

The Bourne Conspiracy follows both the first film and the book, it adds in bits from the film and memories of past jobs being an assassin before Jason lost his memory. You start off on the game before where the film starts on the Wombosi case. There are 3 missions out of the 11 just on the Wombosi case and only 5 missions out of the film which are all short leaving the other 3 missions which are past hits.
The battle system is what the game is all about and the only place it fails badly! Although a great idea fights use only three buttons, He has both fast and heavy strikes attached to the X and Y buttons respectively. Tapping either button triggers a punch while holding a button down charges a fast or heavy kick and the A button is your defence. The fights look really good but the problem is the camera moves around a lot trying to give of a dramatic impression. While the camera moves around you sometimes go off-screen for a couple of seconds leaving you to guess what you are doing. By stringing combos together in one of eight combos, you can cause serious damage to an opponent. Each successful strike will boost Jason’s adrenaline meter, and when one section of the meter is filled, he can perform a takedown which can take an enemy down with one touch of a button (B) or take more energy off a boss battle.

You can increase the adrenaline bar up to three times to max and this can be used for three individual takedowns or if you have three enemies around you, you could take them all out if you get the quicktime events right.
Quicktime events occur throughout the game and sometimes can be very annoying, if you are in the middle of a fight and your enemy tries a take down on you a quicktime event will come up for you to counter the move but if you are to busy still fighting you could press the wrong button therefore getting hit.
Other problems with this game are the camera while moving can be annoying especially when you have a weapon drawn, also when you take cover behind something you can’t just run in and do it sometimes you have to run to where you want to go then stop and then cover by this time sometimes you are shot by then! Also while undercover you can sometimes get hit through a pillar or something and also sometimes you can shoot enemies through your cover which is impossible and just lazy programming.

Shooting is another thing that annoys me in this game, aiming is slow and crap! When you take cover and then come away to shoot the aiming does not auto focus and by the time you have moved your sight the enemy has moved. Also sometimes you take a headshot and they will die straight away and other times it takes a few hits.

The last problem I have is while running away from enemies like in the Embassy level (Demo Level) while running away from shooters and you get into a fight once you defeat that enemy the camera is not always left in the way you were running sometimes you have turned around then once you finish you start running into trouble instead of away. Also maps are not always clear and to go back to a point just raised when you enter a one on one battle and there are shooters you can not break away from the fight and therefore you still get shot at and lose live.

The storyline pretty much follows the first film with some old missions included, the graphics are good and the gameplay when working can be fun to play but there are just too many issues. I wanted to like this game but it’s just full of frustrating moments and it’s way to short.

6 out of 10


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