Xbox 360

Resident Evil 5

Game: Resident Evil 5
Published by: Capcom
Developed by: Capcom
Formats: Xbox360, PS3 Played: Xbox360

Big Resi Fan although I get slated for never playing RE3. The 4th being my favourite followed by the Remake of 1 on the Gamecube then this one which is by far no bad thing as I consider RE2 to be after and I loved that game.

Sooo Resident Evil 5..first off I will mention that I never played this game solo, I understand it’s meant to be frustrating when your partner takes all your items you want and uses valuable herbs when you take a hit of damage! So I decided to play with a mate over xbox Live. Not only does co op work well but I feel it brings a little more fun into the game and also your partner might spot something you don’t!

The game is a lot shorter then RE4 and the co op brings a new angle to things. RE4 kind of stepped away from its survival horror and became more of an action game. I have to say I do miss the zombies from the first game, they brought a sense of fear and excitement and now its all unloading your guns, blowing shit up and quick time events…………………….Quick time events 😦 could be a good thing, I personally don’t favour them to much especially when in co op both of you have to get it right, and you have to be dead on!

RE5 has taken a lot of ideas from RE4 like some of the boss battles and a guy with a chainsaw who takes way to many hits to kill. Most of the boss battles are fairly easy with a couple of exceptions but even these once worked out could be simple alas making a play through game much shorter to what is already a short game.

Finding treasures seems pointless, all you do is sell them again the might as well just give you extra gold lying around! Ammo can be in short supply at times which is a good thing as it teaches you not to unload all your bullets onto oncoming enemies and maybe look around a bit for barrels or if all else fails just peg it!

The graphics are brilliant at times and even online there really is no slow down, Sheva isn’t really a welcome extra to the game although fun in co op, a survival horror is all about turning off all the lights cranking up the surround sound and most important, “going it alone” playing with a mate although really good fun takes what made the earlier games great. RE4 and RE5 now have become good action games.

The story is ok but not brilliant and sees the return of some characters from the first Resi game although Chris seems to have been hitting the gym everyday since the first game was released as his arms seem to be modelled on the incredible hulk! All he needs is to become green and rip his clothes a bit!

The fact you can not shoot and run at the same time brings some elements of fear but again this is taken away by the fact you have a partner covering your ass. The only time you truly feel vulnerable is if your partner runs of without you and you run into a spot of bother! Later in the game it will split you from your side kick but usually you can make it back to join them quickly or help them from a far!

You can use your found gold to upgrade weapons or buy new ones but you can not buy any ammo, this is an annoying thing but on the other hand a good thing as it teaches you to go looking for some and use some of the other weapons you would not normally. You can only hold 9 items on you at all times and this includes everything, your healing items, guns and ammo everything else goes into a item screen you can only take from when you start a new level or die!
You can pass items between you and your sidekick and if you come across an item you want you can drop an item but this will be gone forever!

I have yet to play Mercenaries and I will be going through this game again as Sheva who is played over the left shoulder.

Not a patch on RE4 but a great Action Co-Op game none the less
8 out of 10


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