Xbox 360

Call of Duty: World at War

Game: Call of Duty: World at War
Published by: Activision
Developed by: Treyarch
Formats: Xbox360, PS3 Played: Xbox360

After the success of the forth one lots of people were wondering if going back to World War 2 was a mistake! Well I can tell you that not one bit this game is still as exciting and playable then the 4th and previous. The forth one still remains my favourite of the Call of Duty games but this is by far no means far off. I started getting into the series from the 2nd one and being an Achievement whore I played through on Veteran and even though it was mega hard I found the experience so much more rewarding. COD3 slightly divered and then they set the bar with the 4th game but this one is fantastic for a world war two games. I started playing it on Veteran like the others and there are some really hard spots which take a lot of patients and require you to move slowly.
You play between both the Americans against the Japanese featuring Kiefer Sutherland voicing one of the marines, while Gary Oldman is the main voice for the Russians against the Nazi’s. The graphics are outstanding and everything looks spot on including explosions and the newly welcomed flame thrower.
I really loved the difference between fighting against the Germans and Japanese. The Japanese soldiers who have a suicide attack and they also hide in trees and hidden holes in the grasses. These levels frequently feature Call of Duty’s first flamethrower, and it’s one of my favourite weapons. Not only does it make quick work of your enemies. If you see enemy troops climbing a tree or afraid there maybe one hiding in the tall grasses ahead? Burn it down…….Quality
The Japanese will shout at you before running in a kamikaze way, ounce you hear it, it puts you on high alert as you franticly look around for them and the direction they, may attack you.

There are a few parts in World at War that you can tell have been taken from COD4 which include a Sniper mission and also a Plane mission. Both are better in COD4 but these are still very good. There is also a tank mission like in some of the previous games however I found this very easy even on Veteran and never provided a challenge although I did get my Achievement for completing a level without dying and I felt great for getting it on a level on veteran.

I have yet to play this game on live, co-op and only briefly played on the Zombie extra mission at the end which lets you take on Zombie Nazi’s for points.

Although not a patch on COD4 this is still a very good game and high recommend by myself so If you like FPS consider this game.

8 out of 10


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