Game: Flower
Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developed by: thatgamecompany (TGC)
Formats: PS3 Played: PS3

Judging by the name it does sound like a girly girly game and I wish I could argue that it isn’t because I really do like this game for what it is. Most of the comments on the gaming forums I visit seem to be about how a guys partner hates watching their boyfriend play games but this one they can sit and watch. Also there have been comments about the vast amounts of colours on screen and how good the graphics are and it really is true.
Downloadable from the PSN Flower lets you control petals in the wind and all you have to do is get your petals to the end picking up more as you go along.

You start off with a flower on screen which you will send wind in its direction to blow off a single petal. Once the petal is off you can control the speed of the wind by any buttons but I found it better using the analogue sticks as you can judge the power of the wind easier. The only other controls you need to then worry about is moving the controller left or right to go in those directions or roll forward to dive and roll back to gain height like a flight simulator. The controls are very easy to pick up and it does feel like you are flying and sometimes you forget you are controlling these petals.

Once you have your petals in control you can move over other flowers, everyone you pass will pick up an extra petal and join it to your excising petals. There are some flowers you have to go over and some that are extra, also there are hidden flowers in the game and also some areas where you can light up a single petal or briefly change the light to a colour e.g. Pink or Blue and then you can paint the grass to that colour.

Once you have lots of petals of all different colours the game really starts to shine as you can see the tail of petals following your main ones behind you as you turn.

There are 5 stages which can be completed in about 1 to 2 hours and each stage has its own music which like Rez changes as you collect petals (not saying that in Rez you collect petals but if you have played Rez you would know about the way the music changes). The music is relaxing and is tune with the style of the game.

There is a night level a wind farm and a City level to visit and I felt that the darker side of the game on level 4 was a bit disappointing but apart from that it really is a beautiful game and well worth the £6.29 download price tag from the PSN.

9 out of 10


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